celebrate the boy: closing out


whew!  it’s been a busy two weeks with celebrate the boy.  and while countless reasons remain to celebrate this exceptionally precious specimen, it will be awhile before i again acknowledge that by making him clothing.  like any sew along, ctb has encouraged me to focus my attention at specific goals, step outside my comfort zone, acquire new skills, get through some blunders, make some new friends, and when all is said and done, walk away with some nice additions to the wardrobe of this budding male model.  

i am pretty boyed out for now, so here is my final project–i actually made everything i sketched in advance but for one pair of pants, which are sitting assembled and waiting to be dyed.  i shouldn’t have saved that task for the final step of a mad sewing blitz like this…i just lost steam at the end.  but, not *quite* enough steam to resist the awesome tuxedo stripes rae posted on a few days ago.  finally, a way to incorporate my fun boy prints into the mature clothing this boy demands!


and i went for it on the pockets, too.  i had just the right amount of scrap fabric leftover in this neat triangle print to jazz up some of the muslin i still have laying around (would you believe i’m halfway through the 7 yards already??).  the boss loves them, but seeing as they’re made of muslin and will probably get holes in the knees before this day is over, i’m thinking they may become shorts to extend their lifetime this summer.  the same might be said for the rest of the pants i made him these past couple of weeks, since in spite of prewashing the fabric, they have shrunk a few inches after their first go through the wash as assembled clothing.  why does this happen?!  anyway, i think i’d rather chop and re-hem than rip the seams to let out the cuffs.


so, all in all, another successful sew along in terms of my investment and his excitement.  but, as it goes for the end of any mad dash of sewing, it’s time to close the door of my craft room for awhile.  by the end, i was feeling so burnt out that i wasn’t getting my usual stream of ideas for projects that usually bombard my brain every few minutes daily.  i was recently reading an interview with a designer who rightfully said, the best way to renew creativity is to walk away from your work for awhile.  coincidentally, this practice also leads to major breakthroughs in crossword puzzles for me 🙂

my knitting class is starting to pick up right as ctb is concluding; i’m learning a ton (mostly, gaining an appreciation for just how little i know) and swatching like a maniac!  i’m also really pumped to do my end-of-project cleanup of my craft space.  that room gets so disorganized and filthy by the end of a sew along or holiday season (i of course had to have 10 side projects going on simultaneously in there as a break from boy clothes)  that even someone with as little concern for clutter (i’m not really a clean as you go type) as i starts to get hives, which also contributes to creative block and burnout.  my mom, who is currently visiting, could not be more opposite me in this regard, and has promised to help me in a total overhaul of the space to increase efficiency and accessibility.  she’s a bit of a guru in those matters.

these few weeks have been a little bittersweet, since it looks like finally, after 8 months of unemployment, i should be going back to work any day now.  in fact, i was supposed to work a few days in these past weeks and got cancelled every time at the last minute, which is why i was able to do so much sewing…between 5-7am!  i’ll save a really in depth emotional analysis of what it means to me to begin working again for my family blog, but i will say that having the time to reconnect with my creativity and to find so much comfort within it over these months has been really joyful.  i would be remiss not to mention my ever supportive husband, who after working 6 out of 7 nights literally saving lives, looking like a zombie and sick as a dog will still get up the seventh day and watch the kids so i can finish the really important pair of pants i’m working on.  that’s just the most recent example.  he’s pretty great.

all of this has allowed these activities to assume a more prominent and serious role in my life and my contentment, so i know i will continue to make time for creating and for writing about creating.  you might have noticed this blog got a big facelift this week, another indication that i’m not planning on going anywhere!  i have many projects, small and large (like, really large) on the horizon, in my sketchbook, in my journal, in my brain, and i will continue to share them at every opportunity.

but for now, i will leave you with this.  happy, or in agony?  does it matter?  a star is born.


7 thoughts on “celebrate the boy: closing out

    • thank you! that is so kind. don’t worry–there will be more sew alongs and more crazed round the clock sewing to come, probably sooner than we can fully recover! and i have some non-boy clothing posts to turn out in the meantime 🙂

  1. Amazing work, Ashley. And such big news!!! I’m wondering how you’re feeling about this… Maybe we can check in soon. Hope your first day goes well! xo

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