kcw project two: flashback tee pinspiration


if you read regularly, you’re aware of my recent pinterest obsession.  it has actually temporarily peaked, as i became very consumed with tracing and cutting patterns over the past weeks (seriously, imagine how productive i am *without* two toddlers around), but i still love returning to my boards for inspiration (pinspiration, if you will) and centering.  i liken pinterest to language acquisition.  i have a lot of very undefined ideas, and pinterest has put a world of concrete goods at my fingertips to help bring those ideas to life.  so fun.


anyway, today’s projects are heavily influenced by some things i’ve pinned previously.  when bean wakes up a bit earlier than is encouraged in our household, thereby interrupting my pleasant morning ritual of reading my favorite blogs and and scanning pinterest, we will look at my kids clothing board together and i will let her choose her favorite items.  of all the lovely little garments up there, she picked one of my first pins, which i think is fine, but sort of incongruent with most other things i’ve pinned since.  go figure.  anyhow, that’s what she picked as her favorite, so i resolved to recreate it.  pinterest in action!


like every other trend, i’m late to get on the ombre.  i realize this was cool two years ago minimum, which means it’s just about time for me to catch on.  again, i used the flashback tee pattern, but i cut it in a size 5 for my 3 year old.  i wanted to impart some of the loose fitting quality without the neck or sleeves being so huge they overexposed her.  actually, i was surprised that the 5 doesn’t look big on her at all!  obviously, i added a little flare to the bottom hemline, and left the collar, hem, and sleeves unfinished.  let’s pretend that’s for edginess, and not to save time.  i used liquid rit dye in fuscia, and basically followed their tutorial, except i halved the recipe, didn’t use a dowel, and probably used too small a container, so it’s not exactly an even dye job.  but, she likes it!


that second photo is her surprised face.

for the boy, another trend i’m late to catch on to, but love.  triangles!  they’re everywhere!  this pinspiration actually comes from a quilt.  i love the blanket, and i knew i wanted to translate the idea into garments and accessories as well.  love, love, love the triangles.  i actually made a foam stamp to print the shirt, but it turned out a little schlocky, and given the time sensitive nature of this week, i stuck to the fail safe freezer paper stencil (you can read more about that here).  man, i LOVE those stencils.  so fast and easy, and when you take them off it’s like opening a present.


and i have to say, i am crazy about the shirt (another flashback tee).  it’s the triangles!  i can’t resist them!  and the blue.  i love bright blue.  the second i ripped off the stencil, i was like, i *have* to make one for myself.  and i will!  gotta get some more of this super soft jersey from girl charlee to whip one up in my size.  and then we will wear them together, because i’m that mom.


anyway, i’ve got more sewing to do before bedtime…already deviating from my own carefully laid plans and going rogue…more on that tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “kcw project two: flashback tee pinspiration

    • thanks, ann! are you going to do any kcw, or are you too busy moving? i’ve got another friend with her sewing machine packed up, too. i might have altered my moving plans to keep my sewing machine handy…

      • Hahaha. I’m actually taking on the (surprisingly complicated) project of cleaning and organizing all of my supplies and moving them to a new spot in the house. Let me tell you — I have a lot more fabric than I can really justify. And also, HOW did I amass all of this stuff? If I can get through this job I might be able to swing like a pair of shorts or something.

    • i know! love these tees. i painstakingly cut out i think 12 patterns to make this week, but my that beautiful shot cotton is just sitting on the floor calling to me, so i keep deviating from my cutting plans! may or may not involve a little touch of venus…you will see tomorrow!

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