kcw project three: polka dot dress, striped tee, and lightening shorts



today’s projects are a little planned, a little unplanned, and revolve almost entirely around pockets.  we’ll start with the expected.  you already know of my adoration for (read, obsession with) stripes, and girl charlee has more selections of luscious striped jersey than i can count (ok, as i’m typing this, i get an email notification from them that they just got NEON knits in stock…i will have to somehow restrain myself!).  there’s a fair chance you’ll be seeing more stripes as the week goes on, but for today, i whipped up a super fast flashback tee (best pattern, as we’ve discussed) in a distressed navy stripe.  again, i left the sleeves and hem unfinished, but did add a collar to this one, cut on the bias.  i cannot tell you how much i LOVE to see a PLAIN STRIPED CHILD’S SHIRT without some kind of embellishment on it.  seriously children’s clothiers, LEAVE STRIPES ALONE.  they are so perfect just as they are.


his shorts are a perfect example of the power of shot cotton.  after my cutting spree last week, i spent sunday night restoring my craft room to order, sorting and storing fabrics, etc.  but i left my shot cottons folded on the floor.  i couldn’t put them away.  i just love looking at them too much.  the colors are so beautiful and inspiring.  of course, staring at them hours each day leads to distraction from my already planned projects…and after seeing how much reese loved his first pair of shorts (and that he has no other shorts yet, and it’s HOT here), i couldn’t resist to combine the light blue and coral that were nestled together on my floor in the most appealing way.  and they were juuuuuust within reach of a small scrap of lemon yellow, that seemed to be calling to me to become a lightening bolt on said shorts.


and so, i had to answer the call of the shot cotton, and sew up another quick pair of shorts with some contrasting pockets (and a little lightening bolt, of course).  i made these a little longer than the first pair, which are the perfect length now, meaning in a few washes they will be too short.  hopefully, this totally arbitrary calculation leads to this pair being the perfect length after a few washes.  love these colors on my boy, largely because he loves them…somehow it’s impossible not to find adult male clothing in this palate, but kids?  forget it.  i find mainstream children’s clothing to be pretty gender biased, frankly, and my metro baby and i will have none of that.


i decided to switch things up a little for bean’s dress and use this pattern, seeing as i’ve almost abused my flashback tee pattern in the past few days.  super simple to sew, and even easier with knits–the biggest hassle is the pressing, and i didn’t press or pin a single seam here. while nothing can quite compete with my love for stripes, i have a close second tier that involves chevron, herringbone, and polka dots.  when i saw this beige with tiny gold polka dots, i was smitten.  neutrals with a little pop of color or bling?  yes please.


so, i did plan this dress in advance, and in my mind, this dress had large, gold pacman shaped pockets.  i don’t know, that’s just how i saw it.  and so, in a 7 minute window at joann’s fabric, yesterday, i sprinted down the aisles until i came across something gold.  it was either performance lycra for $17/yd, or whatever this material is for $4/yd.  you can guess how that ended.  when i sat down to actually sew it, i developed some major concerns.  it puckered and ran like crazy.  whatever this is, it doesn’t like to be sewn.  or pinned.  and for god’s sake, don’t iron it.


i cut the first pocket too small, and given these concerns, i tugged and pulled and twisted it to see if it would disintegrate, and it held up fine to my recreated toddler wear and tear.  i just don’t know how it’s going to like my dryer (and do i strike you as someone who sorts laundry?).  i didn’t want to ruin the whole dress with weird melty gold mess, so i actually threw the pockets away.  but the dress was just too bland without them, so i actually removed them from the trash and sewed them on, and we’re just going to hope for the best.  i’ve cleaned up worse than melty gold mess off of children’s clothing, trust me.


alright, i’ve got one more day of rogue sewing under the influence of shot cotton coming up tomorrow, and then i’m strictly back to my pre cut patterns, no more of this one outfit per child  per day madness.  how is kcw treating you all?

8 thoughts on “kcw project three: polka dot dress, striped tee, and lightening shorts

    • i told myself i would focus on girl clothes after celebrate the boy, but i’m starting to love the challenge of making cute boy clothes. not to mention my boy does love his clothes…

  1. What talent! And, it is accompanied by an amazing ability to describe its processes and creations. The children are adorable and are so lucky to have such a mum.

    • thank you! i told myself this week i would do short, short blogs and spend as much time as possible sewing but…i just can’t help it. talking about the process is as fun as the process itself. sometimes more so! i suppose that’s why this blog exists to begin with. thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a nightmare with that gold mystery fabric. If it’s anything, it looks awesome and it definitely finishes the dress. Just whatever you do, DON’T PUT IT THE DRYER. I know… sorting laundry, say wha?!

    Reese’s shorts are hands down the coolest! I gotta get me some shot cotton…

    • i meant to ask you for fabric recommendations, but just didn’t have time before i had an opportunity to get some. oh no, do i *really* have to pick this dress out of the wash every time? too high maintenance! do yourself a favor and get yourself a nice assortment of shot cotton. so very lovely. more of it coming tomorrow…

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