kcw withdrawal: two for the road?


i thought i’d be overly ripe for a break from sewing at the end of this past week, but as it turns out, such was not the case.  given my absurd degree of preparation, variation of projects, and strict daily schedule of tasks, i ended the week with plenty of both finished garments and energy.  and after cleaning my craft room and catching up on laundry (to the extent it’s usually caught up, i.e. 50%), never one to spend a nap time idly, i found that i just wanted to sew some more!

fortunately, i had important projects waiting in the queue, as david and i will be traveling to chicago, he to take a board exam, and more importantly, i to meet (and squeeze and maul and slobber on) my niece and nephew for the first time!  a good auntie can never show up empty handed (and my sister has set definite precedent for that).  and so, to christen again my newly spotless craft room, i got to work on an outfit for each of them.


for baby rosa, a little geranium to match her cousin’s swingset tunic…hopefully they will wear them together in the same place sometime soon!  i won’t talk much about it here, because i’m going to include it in a geranium series i’ll do in the coming weeks.  i just didn’t want anyone to think baby rosa was overlooked!


and for baby cal, this cute little outfit.  the pants are a self drafted pattern that i sort of made up as i went.  made from more of the brown linen, i couldn’t decide if i wanted to make him pants or shorts.  i haven’t had an infant around in so long (my baby is two next week!), i had trouble visualizing the sizing, and thus deciding whether these should be pants or shorts.  it then occurred to me i ought to leave that option open–i have several pants with a button tab to roll them up in warm weather (i haven’t been much of a shorts person since middle school, but that may change given i now live in a desert climate).

DSC05543the shirt is the oliver + s sailboat shirt, the accompaniment to the pants i made reese a few days ago.  i love the curved hem and the topstitching detail…that liesl.  this is the softest by far of my girl charlee knit purchases, and i am very torn over how to use the remainder…maybe as a cocoon for myself.  anyhow, taking on a knit stripe for a new o+s pattern might have been overly ambitious.  it wasn’t disastrous by a stretch, but my machine did seem to want to eat the fabric (but did i get my walking foot?  no, no i did not.), and it’s difficult to align stripes and precisely cut pattern pieces (as we’ve discussed, liesl demands precision) on such slippery fabric.  so, in spite of excessive pinning, the stripes are still off, and the buttonholes are a little funkily spaced.  but it’s a cute shirt and SO soft.  both items were intended to be 6-12 months in size, but they look awfully large to me.  alas, better too big than too small!



*now* it really is time for a short break from children’s clothing…i’ve got mother’s day to think about, and will be taking a mandated hiatus from my sewing machine when we go to chicago next week.  kcw recap forthcoming!  hope you all had a wonderful week of sewing.


11 thoughts on “kcw withdrawal: two for the road?

  1. Ha, I came looking for your pants pattern only to find you made it up yourself! Wow, clever you! Great outfits and I love the fabric choices.

    • hi shelly! i’m sorry i did not offer much detail on the pants…if you would like i could make a tutorial or email you the process…i was thinking about making another pair for my little one anyhow. let me know!

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