geranium #2: willow geranium


here is my second take on the pattern.  this edition features cap sleeves, inseam pockets (which she can never seem to find) and a pleated skirt, made in a quilting cotton bean helped select at joann’s over the winter (previously used for this vest, and still quite a bit to spare).  i really like the organic feel of the branches and the neutral colors.  surprisingly, i can’t think of anything that went awry with this one, but it’s very possible i’ve forgotten since i made this way back in april.



bean first wore this top on a lovely overnight trip we took to point reyes for her dad’s birthday in early april.  i think i love this top so much in part because it appears in so many memories and photographs from that wonderful trip.  it held up quite nicely to oyster shucking, running, climbing, and inexplicably falling on her head an inordinate amount within a very small time period.  we’ll never understand this fleeting lack of balance and proprioception, but she looked very classy in between injuries indeed.

DSC05004oh my gosh, THIS HAIR.  it even wows me sometimes.  believe it or not, i’m wrapping it up here!  this is the only post i succeeded in keeping succinct, so i’m embracing it, and you can ready yourselves for several volumes of geranium novels to come.  in other news, while i click “publish” day after day on kid clothing posts, i’m scheming more adult projects…major pattern sale at joann’s today (all mccalls $2, whaaaat?!).

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