geranium #5: mint chocolate geranium

this geranium also comes from the monster stash my mom nabbed me in india.  the white counterpart was recently used for my sorbetto top.  i received this giant fabric import the same week i bought the geranium pattern, so several hours were spent just cutting version after version with my oodles of new fabric.  it was fun.  bad lighting for these pics, unfortunately.

IMG_0618anyway, i after discovering this tutorial, i wanted to give the piping another go.  i had some black on hand, and thought it would be a nice contrast with the mint green fabric.  i went dress length, cap sleeves, pleated skirt and inseam pockets yet again.  not surprisingly, with some very basic instruction, the piping was no sweat to insert (except i again forgot to attach it at the waist, and AGAIN ripped out the whole skirt and added it…i was totally engrossed in the great british sewing bee at the time and i asked myself, what would ann do?  she would absolutely put the piping in –actually, there’s no way she would have forgotten the first time– and she is my new sewing icon, so i had to.).  anyway, other than that minor snafu, the kids took a marathon nap and i finished the entire construction of the dress AND the remainder of the GBSB in one sitting.  nice!   IMG_0601 IMG_0603 IMG_0606

did i mention the dress holds up quite well to toddler play?

mint geranium

she’s airborne ~80% of her time outdoors.  what is that gravity defying angle in the bottom left photo?!DSC05178

while i’m cleaning out the virtual closet, this seems just as good a place as any to post a pic of what i used the first half of this fabric for–a little spring jacket for bean using my trusty peacoat pattern. seeing as she won’t have a use for it for six more months, i knew it would be lost forever if it didn’t make an appearance here.

One thought on “geranium #5: mint chocolate geranium

  1. Ahhh… this color is so beautiful. I’ve made silly mistakes MANY times and still do! I’ll be sewing along and just when I’m nearing the end… AAARRRGH! I’m in need of a new seam ripper, mine is dull from all the “(p)oopsies”. Awesome job, Ash! It just gets better and better…

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