geranium #6: dress shirt geranium


you guys, i almost forgot about geranium week.  i’m obviously so invested in my own series.  but…i did my skirt post yesterday and our family is on a trip right now in santa cruz (beautiful), and i’m currently trying to wrap my mind around how i might quilt my biggest ever project while sitting on the floor in front of a knee height coffee table, since that’s the only table where we’re staying.  but i transported my entire sewing room here, so I WILL BE SEWING, even if i permanently hunch my spine in the process.  i’ll let you know how that goes.  in the meantime, on with the geraniums!

several months ago i bought this blue shirting on sale  with no defined plans, just a good price and a pattern that could be loosely interpreted as stripes.  it’s lightweight and wrinkle resistant, which makes it a great fabric choice for a summer toddler dress.  i paired it with some white embroidered cotton i also bought months ago for another project that never happened.

IMG_0504i mistakenly assumed the shirting was reversible with no right or wrong side, and seamed the skirt together without paying attention to fabric direction.  upon very close examination however, the two sides are ever so slightly different.  not enough to start the skirt over, but enough that you can notice if you’re looking for it.  i think this is my best notched collar though, so that sort of evens it out, right?


one fairly glaring error that probably should have merited doing the skirt over, however, and for which i have no reasonable explanation, is that i pieced it together in such a way that the two side seams face the inside of the skirt, but the back seam faces the outside.  whoops.  not exactly sure how that happened, and that is *definitely* noticeable, but i just didn’t feel like taking apart the whole dress (though it clearly hasn’t stopped me in the past) and the seam is nicely finished, so i let that one slide…IMG_0495and then when seam ripping the buttonholes, one got seriously gouged and required major reconstructive surgery.  frankly, i’m surprised that doesn’t happen more often.  still a cute dress, though.  i know someone who’s ready for geranium week to be over…


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