kcw day 1: linen sailor pants

IMG_1322i’m approaching kcw a bit differently this time around…as in, not like a drill sergeant.  i had my own, personal little kcw to write my guest post only two weeks ago, and seeing as this is my month of me, i have to use this last week without kiddos to polish off a few other projects still in the queue (major sewing room renovations underway, so not totally conducive to sewing right now).  however, i plan to do a short writeup of the projects i completed for the guest post, so i’ll still be showing my face at the beautiful new kcw site…what can i say, it’s hard for me to stay away!

above you see the oliver + s sailboat pants.  i made these during kcw spring13 in a busy print, and since then i’ve been wanting to make a second version in plain linen (no print matching!).  i had this bright green piping laying around that to me seemed very happy with the grey fabric.  i love a little touch of neon.

i made these in 18m size for my 2 year old, who is rather slight (and the patterns run roomy).  he has gotten a ton of use out of the last pair, which have held up really well to wear and tear although they were made from quilting cotton.

and…believe it or not, that’s all i have to say.  it’s a great pattern and i’ve made it before, so no hitches.  can’t wait to see them on the model!




4 thoughts on “kcw day 1: linen sailor pants

    • thanks, elizabeth! definitely trying to work some more neutral options into the wardrobe, since as you know, if ever two crazy prints can be put together, they will find a way to make it happen 🙂

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