classic picnic shorts

IMG_1317just popping in for a *very* quick writeup on these shorts!  craft room renovation is very much underway, and i have to get it done before my bosses return or it could take months.  plus i’m trying really hard to sew an entire summer wardrobe for myself.  and a birthday dress.  and a new purse.  and a new wallet.  how many days do i have left?  my house is so filthy.

anyway, the shorts.  these were the second pair i made for my guest post.  i made the pattern once before during the spring kcw, and they are my most popular flickr photo.  it’s a really neat pattern, which is a prerequisite to calling itself “oliver + s.”  unfortunately, no amount of chocolate can bribe bean to wear shorts these days, but we have some time to negotiate before she completely outgrows them.

i made these in 3T with a grey linen from joann’s.  unfortunately, i’m not 100% sure what the trim fabric is.  i think it’s something by pat bravo, but i can’t find it in my crazy reorganization state and i don’t have time to hunt it down on the web (see paragraph 1).  sorry pat bravo, or whoever created this cool fabric.  i’m sure they’ll be devastated they weren’t properly credited on my blog.  anyway, i bought it at a store a few months ago (usually i buy online so the names stick better), and as soon as i did, i had a pair of these exact shorts asking to be made with it.

the pattern did come together a bit easier this time, although again using a main fabric without a wrong side, i *still* messed up the crotch seam so it’s facing the outside (but only on one leg, so i’m improving).  i also seam to have cut the trim pieces too short, which resulted in me shaving a bit off the width of the shorts to match everything up.  please don’t tell liesl.  i’m telling you guys, it was a mad dash to do that guest post.  it was all project runway up in here, so i had to just “make it work.”

now, back to renovating my room and wardrobe!  it seems a little over the top to post adult sewing projects during kids clothes week, but eventually i’m sure they’ll find their way here.

5 thoughts on “classic picnic shorts

    • thanks, nicole! renovations are going well. i actually had to take a break and get back to sewing. i have a limited attention span for any given activity. so, when i’m sick of sewing again, back to renovations!

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