kcw: chevron mini wiksten tank


one last project to polish off kcw summer 2013!  i spent about two days this week churning out a few new duds for myself, so eventually you will see the adult version of this shirt.  i just got this cute chevron with great drape from girl charlee and made myself a new wiksten tank.  i figured it might be more flattering in a drapey knit than it was in the voile.  anyhow, just couldn’t resist making a bean version.  i wonder if she’ll be 10% excited as me to wear our new matching wardrobe together.  most likely not.

again, i used rae’s skinny tee pattern and left off the sleeves.  i bound the arm and neck openings with bias tape.  is it considered bias tape if it’s a knit?  with strips of knit fabric, how’s that?  awesome knit tip:  to cut these strips, apply a 1″ wide piece of masking tape (the length you need for your binding) directly to the fabric and cut it out, then remove the tape.  SO much easier than trying to handle the fabric with a rotary cutter.

anyhow, i flared it slightly from armpit to hem and curved the hem a bit to mimic the shape of the original wiksten tank.  you can’t see the shape very well here since i literally taped it to the wall for the photo, but you get the idea.  there is also a little pocket on there…i did a much better job matching the pocket print than the side seams!  chevron is harder than stripes, you guys.  the lines AREN’T STRAIGHT.  i got the colors to match up, but not the zig zags.  i’m still pretty stoked when i get stripes to align, so, one step at a time.

anyway, i’ll be back soon with more adult sewing!  so much blogging to catch up on!

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