little red dress


well you guys, this is it!  the final piece of my handmade vacation wardrobe.  i actually finished it awhile back with some super cheap fabric i picked up in the “silky prints” section of joanns (read, 100% polyester).  between a sale and a coupon, i paid $9 for 3 yds.  nice!  anyway, i intended to use the fabric for the simplicity 2215 sew along that never was, but it was too flimsy.  yet, the print variation at the selvedge cried out for a dress, so, a dress it would be.  of course, to include the print variation, i had to cut against the grain…rogue sewing, you guys.


if you can believe it, this is a modified wiksten tank!  sometimes i give a shout out for tutorial requests, and 99.99% of the time, i get crickets.  but, one dear reader did say yes please to my offer of a wiksten tank hack long ago, and so a hack you will all get, my friends.  i took photos of the inception of this dress every step of the way, and made good use of an otherwise unpleasant 3 hour stint on the laguardia runway writing an overly verbose and possibly confusing tutorial on how you too can have a little dress, just like this one.


so for now, i just wanted to post some pics of the actual garment to get you PUMPED to make your own.  isn’t it cute?  great belted or not, throw on some heels and it’s date night ready, make it in a cotton or jersey and it’s a bathing suit cover up (i.e. my everyday attire).  wear it over tights, leggings, or even jeans as we transition to fall.  it has a flattering empire-ish waist and a-line skirt, a visually interesting hemline, and of course, pockets!


it’s been a crazy spring and summer of sewing for myself!  while i don’t feel like i’ve made a ton of progress (or maybe i’m just acutely aware of how much i have yet to learn), i think i have absorbed some good knowledge through osmosis and definitely have a more robust wardrobe than i did a few short months ago.  you might have noticed i’ve been doing a little housekeeping around the blog lately, as well as posting like a maniac.  i don’t know…seasons are changing, i’m cleaning out the virtual closet and checking items off my blogging to do list.  this blog is inching up to its’ one year birthday, so this seems as good a time as any to pause and reorganize…especially considering the piles and piles of fabric i just dragged across the country but haven’t yet opened the door to my sewing room since my return.  i will be back soon with the tutorial, but for now, i’ll give us both a little break from all this crazy posting so i can get my thoughts in order about art fair and other projects.  until then!

7 thoughts on “little red dress

    • i’m telling you, joann’s has been doing me right lately. i actually first saw this print when somebody was purchasing it who appeared at first glance to share zero style or fashion ideals with me, but on this fabric, we agreed. as much as i love my two pattern piece garments, i think it’s time for me to graduate beyond tank dresses. love that shirt dress you just made!

    • ha! well, that’s very flattering, but i won’t hold it against you if you get bored in the first paragraph. and thank you for the moral support on those buttons…i always feel like it’s harder than it should be and somehow never get faster at it.

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