grainline scout tee, two ways


has it already been two weeks since i showed my face here?  we are busy as ever, but i was struck down yesterday with a nasty stomach bug going around…so now that i’m temporarily bedridden, i can do some blogging!  a couple of weeks ago i got very motivated to start crafting a new 2014 wardrobe.  i have quite a lot of fabric to sew through, a plethora of patterns i want to try out, and frankly, sewing for myself is much more rewarding than sewing for the kids, who aren’t interested in what i make for them anyway.  similarly, i think there’s a good market for handmade women’s clothing, and people are perhaps less conscientious about what they buy for babies, i don’t know.  the point being, eventually i’d like to expand mohr studio into women’s clothing.  i have a long way to go in terms of pattern development and sewing skill, but the upshot of this of course is that i can experiment heavily on myself!


this particular pattern is not available for resale, but is one i’ve been wanting to try out for months.  it is the grainline scout tee, a tee made from a woven fabric!  what a great idea for a pattern.  so often i want to use a cool woven fabric for a garment for myself, but because it has no stretch, the patterns require more tailoring and shaping, and end up too complicated or too fancy for everyday wear.  you may remember a few other grainline garments i made over the summer, which became wardrobe staples.  i was excited to add a few more to the collection.


this pattern is everything i hoped it would be–easy, straight forward, cute, and versatile.  i made it first in a woven, as intended.  i used some awesome nani iro double gauze generously gifted to me by my fabric fairy godmother, teri.  while i disagree with people who swear the nani iro double gauze is the “softest fabric ever,” it’s light, airy, breathable, has the most gorgeous, unique, interesting patterns and i plan to go semi-broke investing in the new 2014 line.  also, i feel like this shirt makes me look a lot cooler than i am, so there’s that.


the shirt has a lot of ease so it can slide on and off with no closures or stretch.  the only thing i changed  was to shape the side seams a bit to make them more flattering.  this fabric doesn’t have much drape, so the tee was a bit boxy without some curving at the natural waist.  other than that, i followed it as written and it sewed up in no time.  there’s even a long sleeved tutorial if you’re still suffering through the polar vortex!  this shirt wold look amazing in a drapey rayon.


as much as i do love how this shirt came out, in my day to day life, i’m just a jersey kinda gal.  i made a personal commitment to start making myself more knit tees because that is what i wear most often, and what i’m still tempted to buy at the store.  however, store bought tees are generally poor quality and fall apart within a year the way i wear them, so i might as well be my own sweatshop and just make them myself.


fortunately, this pattern translates great to knits!  again, there’s a tutorial, but it’s quite straightforward.  i used a black and white thin stripe drapey knit fabric i got over the summer from girl charlee.  it came out loose, flowy, and flattering.  perfect!  the only thing i will change when i make a knit version in the future is to lengthen the hem a bit–it’s not short, but i’m just partial to longer tees.  i like complete freedom of movement without any anxiety that a leap, hop, or jumping jack is going to reveal my wobbly bits.


anyway, the knit version got a huge response on instagram, and not surprisingly, because it’s knit, i wear it all the time, often days in a row.  i bought some new deodorant, so now i can get away with that.


i have a couple more finished garments that need to be photographed before i can blog them, and we’re going to san diego this week, so i’m hoping to catch up on photography in some new locales!  i also need to design an iPad case today, so if it goes well, i’ll see if i can’t rustle up a little tutorial for you guys.  see you then!  ps, how cute are my photo bombers?!       IMG_4557

8 thoughts on “grainline scout tee, two ways

  1. Your photo bombers are adorable! Your daughter has a contagious smile:)
    Thanks for the pattern review – I like hearing others’ thoughts on a pattern before sewing it up. I, myself, am also a knit girl but it does look gorgeous in the Nani Iro. Two beautiful shirts that you have the pride of creating yourself!

    • thanks, lucinda! i really love them both. honestly, i wear the knit one quite a bit more (of course), but the woven too is totally comfortable and the print can’t be beat. i really do have plans to make at least a few more!

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