spring cleaning


well, it’s officially spring.  here, that means 80 degree temps, flowering trees giving way to lush greenery, and great produce.  i heard recently on the news that for the northern part of this country, it means yet more freezing temps and blizzard conditions.  i will remind people of this winter when they ask me if i miss the midwest.  nope.


anyway, i’m not much one for cleaning anything.  you saw my ironing board cover–imagine the rest of my house.  i do like it when things are clean, and in my workspace particularly, i have to clean between projects or it’s hard for me to concentrate.  while i prefer the rest of my house to be clean, with the great destroyers around, it’s not a lasting condition and not bothersome enough to me to invest a ton of time in it.  ultimately, i’m into efficiency, and cleaning the same thing over and over to me seems a futile task.  yet, the annual call for spring cleaning happens to align this year with a time in my life where i’m ready to start a new (micro)phase.


i haven’t been super present on the blog, and especially with instagram, it’s easy to skip over projects here.  i thought for my first phase of spring cleaning , i would do a photodump of all the mohr studio stuff i’ve been doing, which tends not to end up here, but certainly keeps me busy and creating.  after that, as i’ve been alluding to, i’m planning to re-prioritize my time just a shade, and i’d like to devote some more of it to keeping this space current and engaging for readers.  i’ve been having some very motivational talks with my friend andrea, and seasoned blogging pro she is, she’s helping me brainstorm some content that you guys will enjoy.  one of the first things i plan to do to increase engagement, speaking of spring cleaning, is to start handing out some fabric to you guys!  a couple patterns, too.  as i said, i’m not into clutter, and my fabric stash is getting out of hand.  i just ordered a LOT more to suit my new interests (ahem, women’s wear), so it’s time to make room on the shelves.  change is good.  stay tuned for giveaways–apparel and quilting!


i’m also getting really interested in refining my own wardrobe.  sewing for myself has ironically made me a better dresser (like, once a week), and i say ironically because one would think i could purchase much better quality items than i could make myself.  however, i am such a lazy dresser (yoga pants and a tee shirt every. single. day.), making things for myself motivates me to wear something more interesting and refined (on occasion).  in any case, i just don’t have the eye for it on a larger scale, and i don’t care enough to invest the time and money in curating a beautiful wardrobe.  however, i’ve been reading along on the colette blog with piqued interest–have you guys been following the wardrobe architect series?  i’m totally fascinated and really eager to gain the organizational and artistic skills necessary to sew practical, wearable, beautiful things for myself.  she recently linked to this blog, which has totally consumed me since.  for me, it’s like learning a new language–totally foreign and mystifying, yet also logical and organized with some vaguely familiar concepts.  i want to work on this, guys.  i think it will be pretty cool.

anyway, enough about all that.  for now, i’ll just catch you up on what’s been keeping me busy in between blog posts…IMG_4643

a new peacoat design for little boys and girls, linen outer, fleece lining, hand stenciled, available in multiple colors.pouchdisplay

i made this as a birthday gift for our neighbor, and it has become a decent seller among acquaintances.  can’t go wrong with personalization, right?


one of my cousins is getting married back in michigan next week, and for her bachelorette party, she commissioned me to make 13 (!) cozy cowls for her closest friends as a reward for suffering through a february polar vortex weekend for her bachelorette party.  so cute, see the group below:scarfs

a pair of dainty fingerless mitts:wristiesside

and a cowl to match:

photo copy 6

one of my oldest friends is also getting married this summer, and requested a custom bow tie for her ring bearer (she used it as a gift to request him to do the honors):

photo copy 2

matching sweater sets for some little premies (the buttons spell their names):


some new boy clothes for the shop–pintucked pants and a cozy little fawn raglan.  this outfit was actually made for my nephew for xmas.  it’s always good motivation and inspiration to make gifts for people, which i can then photograph and label as “made to order” in the shop.  far superior to guessing at inventory that then sits around with nowhere to go.


adding some upgrades to a clutch available in my shop, something i’m thinking about featuring here:


lovely liberty coasters for yet another cousin’s bridal shower–it’s obviously the year for my cousins to get married!photo copy 3

a thank you tova for a friend (with a liberty lined collar–hard to part with this one):

photo copy 4

another cozy cowl:

photo copy 7

some open wide zipper pouches–love these!

photo copy 5

and my latest endeavor, strawberry shortcake birthday dresses.  i tell you, it caused a small uproar on instagram that something this girly could come from my hands, but hey, custom orders!  one of the best parts about opening my shop is my ability to participate in important events for others, people i know and people i’ve never met.  these dresses are for another very old friend of mine, who currently resides in the dominican republic, where first birthday parties are apparently a VERY big deal.  this year, her younger daughter turns one, and the party will be strawberry shortcake themed.



for these, i used a new look pattern and tutti frutti fabric from joann, which is apparently wrinkle resistant.  i like the look of the curved bodice and the straps, i just hope they don’t keep falling off the shoulders of those little girls.  i am so wary of commercial patterns for no obvious reason.  the dress calls for a zipper, and i didn’t have any invisible ones available, which seem far easier to install.  i tried yet another method this time, and it just didn’t go well.  the first time, i got the contrasting ribbon to match up alright, but the dress backs didn’t match up.  there was just enough time between making the first and second dress that i forgot to be hypervigilant about matching the ribbon, so on the second dress, i was careful about the backs, and the ribbon is noticeably mismatched.  it was a giant pain to put these zippers in, though i do like how the glue holds them in place.  you might remember my zipper foot mysteriously vanished months ago, and after totally adapting to using a normal foot for zippers through about 30 zippered pouches, i had a horrible time using an actual zipper foot on a zipper.  i couldn’t figure it out; it was a nightmare.


obviously i need zipper bootcamp–suggestions welcome.  anyway, that pretty much brings us up to speed.  i’m going to do some more organizing/purging of fabric, and will be back with some goodies for you guys.

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