GIVEAWAY: destash day 5- art gallery fabrics (closed)



are you guys getting sick of this?  i promise there is an end in sight and there will be winners.  two more stacks after this and we’re done!  these are great fabrics–i kind of can’t believe i’m giving them away, but i’m in purge mode and i can’t stop.  they are all quilting weight, but art gallery fabrics are the one exception i will make in my no quilting cotton for garments policy.  it has a notably nicer hand (as they say in the industry) than other brands.

up for grabs is two colorways of boucherouite (i’m not even checking if i spelled that right), about 1.5 yds of the blue/grey (as seen in my washi) and about 3/4 yd of the pink.  also that awesome prism-y print, about 3/4 yd, that i used as contrast in these shorts that my shorts-hating daughter never wore once.  who wants?

what’s your fave tv show?

19 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: destash day 5- art gallery fabrics (closed)

  1. Not that my stash needs any enhancement whatsoever (I should be purging my stash as well!) — I just ADORE the prismy print on the far right!

    Hmmm….fave tv show….kind of a tie between Downton Abbey and Bones :D.

  2. These are fun! I’m thinking a coin purse for my niece out of the pinky prism. My favorite show right now is Walking Dead. You never would have guessed, would you?

  3. I am a sitcom-lover and heart and really enjoy the Big Bang Theory. I also have a no-quilting-cottons policy for garments but I have heard that Art Gallery is a good exception to make, so I’d love to check it out!

  4. Those prints are so awesome that I’d be more than happy to break my no quilting cottons rule. My favourite TV shows are currently How I Met Your Mother (although they’ve been dragging out this series soooo much…), The Great British Sewing Bee and (embarrassingly) First Dates.

  5. Favourite TV show has to be Rake (ABC in Australia). Hilariously written and often just plain wrong. Oh and I have gone on a recent “no more buying quilting cottons” pledge. I’d be curious to have a feel of these to see if I should be adding clauses to my new rule!

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