mother-daughter tribal tees


well, i had a strong push to the finish for my half-involvement in kcw, and i really went for it with the mini me theme.  because after all, why should the kids have all the fun?!  i’ve been wanting to sew more for my own wardrobe for months, but with all the other projects on the cutting table, and my burgeoning interest in and attention to curating my own wardrobe, i’ve been slow to execute.  i think that’s a good thing!  i get into manic phases of production where i just hammer out item after item–that’s fine for kids who wear the crap out of their clothes and grow out of them quickly, but i am trying hard to take a mindful approach to my own wardrobe and appearance, and not sew things just because i can, or they’re available, or even because they’re pretty.  i’m taking it a few steps further now and making things only if they fit into a very thoughtful category, involving cut, color, comfort, practicality, design, etc.IMG_5436

i bought this rayon awhile back at joann in the “ethnic print” section (what?).  while i do still like the fabric, it was definitely on the cusp for me of whether or not i really want it in my wardrobe.  honestly, no that the piece is done, i think the print is actually not quite right for me for various reasons, but i’ll give it a few wears before i decide if it gets the axe or not!  the pattern i used for myself, by the way, is the great grainline scout tee which i’ve made a few of already and wear all the time.


for this drapey rayon version, i gave it some more waist shaping, lengthened the hem, and gave it a nice drop hem in the back.  i like those.  i also generously scooped out the neck, which i may have gotten a little overzealous about (though i marked it on my dress form and my body…).  you’ll see a little bra strap peeking out if you look at the head on shots–drat!  you might have also noticed the healing jagged wound on my left wrist, which i got not from a feral cat, but actually from gently moving my dress form over a few inches while vacuuming a few weeks ago.  i don’t know what part of it tore my arm open, but she’s obviously touchy–jeez.



aside from the bra straps, i do like the scoop neck and the longer hem, especially in the back:



and if i didn’t think blogging was useful before, how else would i discover i have severe elephant elbows?  note to self, moisturize.IMG_5418

anyway, how about this babe?!  she really surprised me again in her excitement to wear something i made her that’s not stretchy and tacky, even before i made a matching one for myself, and she wore it all day.  still not into the photos as you can see, but let’s not get greedy here.  i drafted this pattern late at night with no coherent thought process.  i started with a bodice and made it into a top with kimono sleeves, which i had never done and am frankly shocked even worked and fit over her arm.  i could have made them much shorter, but again, not a lot of measuring was involved here, just a lot of eyeballing.  i lengthened it to a tunic, hemmed the sleeves, bound the neck, and have a split back with a snap so it fits over her head.  no scoop necks for tots.


who knows if either of us will ever wear these shirts again?!  not me.  only time will tell.  i have to see how the rest of my wardrobe unfolds, and bean’s moods and preferences are far from predictable.  anyway, we were super cute and matchy matchy for one day, and maybe that’s enough.  reese wants to know where his shirt is.


13 thoughts on “mother-daughter tribal tees

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  3. I made my last scout out of a “tribal” black and white print at JoAnns too (see my blog), but you got the cooler print that I really wanted but they never sold it in any of my stores so I bought another less cool one. I think it looks great and you should keep wearing it.

    • i also bought a crazier version of the tribal print (a different one from your scout) that i haven’t figured out how to use yet…possibly a peplum? i change my mind about it every day! i ended up giving this one away…i have plenty of scouts in my closet 🙂

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