more grainline + nani iro

i am filling my closet with grainline shirts made in nani iro, and i don’t feel bad about it.  i think it’s a perfect marriage of simple, quality garments and beautiful, wearable fabric.  what else can you ask of a wardrobe?madewell scout1

i bought this amazing lawn-like fabric  (cotton compass) from miss matatabi several weeks ago, maybe months now, and pondered forever what to make with it.  something for myself, to be sure, but as usual with nani iro fabrics, they are so breathtaking, it’s difficult to find a project worthy.  this is why i love the grainline pairing, because the simple lines of the patterns allow the fabric to shine through uninterrupted.

madewell scout2

i will be the first to say you can’t have enough scouts, but i already had a couple in the lineup and wanted something equally basic and awesome, but a little different to sew and wear.  how convenient that jen would post a pattern variation for the beloved scout tee right in time for me to hack up this precious yardage.  you know i start to squirm when i begin accumulating fabrics.

madewell scout3

i love the altered neckline with the deep v and the cuffed sleeves.  i’d been wondering how to bind a v-neck, and of course, the construction tutorial is top notch.  have you sewn with grainline patterns yet?  it’s so great to have the guidance of a professional seamstress and pattern maker.

madewell scout4

yet another great shirt–i plan to make this variation a few more times.  would be cute with a little chest pocket in a solid fabric, no?  and the compass/lawn is just right for summer–so light to wear and easy to sew.

shine tank4

this delightful little tank was not on my rather substantial list of things to sew for my summer wardrobe-wardrobe architect overhaul.  however, when a friend forks over ample “scraps” of this gorgeous nani iro double gauze shine, you absolutely figure out a way to squeeze out something for yourself, even if the side seams won’t match.

shine tank2

sometimes woven tank patterns can be deceiving in the amount of yardage they consume because of all the ease and the length.  the grainline tiny pocket tank seems narrower than others out there, and i recall last summer making adjustments so that it’s about as fitted as possible in the arms and chest while still being comfortable to move in, with some added waist shaping and maybe even removal of a bit of ease in the back pattern piece.

shine tank1

i really put this together as quickly as possible, my first tank of the season, and i was so pleasantly surprised at the perfect fit.  i get a ton of compliments on this shirt–the fabric is so unique and just so pretty.  you can’t see it in the photos, but it has these broad, subtle brush strokes of silver, hence “shine.”  a couple hours after finishing my first marathon, i hobbled down to beautiful natural bridges state beach in santa cruz to snap these pics.  it was a great day (a trip to harts was my reward for the endeavor) and eventually i might write a post about the experience…it has nothing to do with crafts, but i think the story might be motivational for some of you, as i’m by no means an athlete and only started running after reese was born.  crazy couple weeks coming up with two cross country trips and starting a full time job in between them, but i already have some posts in the queue, some big ideas for the blog and possibly some fun collaborations coming up, so………..i’ll try to fit it all in eventually!

10 thoughts on “more grainline + nani iro

  1. I very nearly cut out a scout in a nani iro I’ve been hoarding and was contemplating how it would look with this pattern variation. Now I know – it looks terrific and I will add it to my list!

    • yes, noelle! cut it now! i love the madewell tee in solid colors but it looks great in a print too. really, is there anything that wouldn’t look good in nani iro? also, we are neighbors! i’m in davis.

  2. Hey, congratulations on running a marathon! Well done! For me, running is something that people who don’t have bicycles do, but I totally understand what it would have taken to complete that run!
    The tops both look gorgeous, Very envious of your Nani Iro fabrics and such lovely pictures.

  3. congrats on running a marathon – that impresses me to no end! I’ve tried over and over again to like running but it hasn’t happened yet:) love your Nani Iro tops! So nice that they feel as good to wear as they look!

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