my name is ashley, and i like to do things with my hands at all times.  when my children were born a few years ago, my desire to create a slower way of life both consciously and subconsciously expanded.  they remind me of what joy there is in simplicity, and we try to live that way.
my first love is knitting, then came sewing.  first for my children, then for myself, and now for everyone.  i am never in need of motivation; my crafty to do list is long and ever growing.  it makes me happy every day.  you can read more about my creative journey and process here.
you might also find me running, hiking, and learning to enjoy gardening.  i live with my family in northern california, which is think is the most beautiful place in the world.

5 thoughts on “about

    • thanks, jackie! that is quite thoughtful. i too am pretty bad about commenting on blogs, though of course i love to receive them, so thank you for the love note 🙂 btw, your work is lovely.

  1. Hi, I just printed your baby sweater. I hope I’ll be feeling better to go buy yarn. Love the way you write your patterns. Just hope it will be easy enough for me. If I don’t try I’ll never know. Thank you so much. Joan

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