baby boy quilt



look!  i made another quilt.  this is a custom order for a coworker of david’s.  she’s hosting a baby shower for her best friend and *this* is the gift of honor.  how cool!  she gave me a head’s up she’d be in the market for a quilt months ago, sent me pictures for ideas, and more or less gave me free reign to do what i wanted.  a perfect client! Continue reading

mohr studio women’s, part i



well you guys, here it is…the premier of my women’s clothing line!  honestly it feels a little anticlimactic to me because i completed these garments and mostly photographed them almost a month ago.  i had plans for pattern tweaking and re-photographing, but honestly, i had to cut my losses.  i am not a professional designer, pattern drafter, model or photographer, nor am i expecting a gross influx of business based on the desire for women’s clothing made by yours truly.  i spent a while mulling over these pieces, planning other pieces for the collection, even getting so far as a few new muslins, but i decided to just start small and see how it goes.  i finally overcame the hurculean task of photographing and creating etsy listings, so i thought i would follow up on the old blog about each piece in a bit more detail.  i really do love them all. Continue reading

foldover clutch tutorial


i am totally aware i’m behind the trends.  typically, by the time i start thinking something is cool, it’s on the way out.  and you know what, i’m okay with it.  if you are too, perhaps i might interest you in a tutorial for this cute little clutch i just added to my shop today!  that’s right.  i am posting a full, photographed, step by step tutorial to make exactly the item i am trying to sell.  while i’m not an expert business person, the past few months of blogging and selling have demonstrated that my readers are not my buyers of ready made products.  but you guys support me in other ways, so why not share the love, right?  as i mentioned, i wanted to create some engaging content for you guys, and a big part of why i read sewing blogs is to learn new skills–that’s most of it really.  so, hopefully this will provide some knowledge for you. Continue reading

mother-daughter tribal tees


well, i had a strong push to the finish for my half-involvement in kcw, and i really went for it with the mini me theme.  because after all, why should the kids have all the fun?!  i’ve been wanting to sew more for my own wardrobe for months, but with all the other projects on the cutting table, and my burgeoning interest in and attention to curating my own wardrobe, i’ve been slow to execute.  i think that’s a good thing!  i get into manic phases of production where i just hammer out item after item–that’s fine for kids who wear the crap out of their clothes and grow out of them quickly, but i am trying hard to take a mindful approach to my own wardrobe and appearance, and not sew things just because i can, or they’re available, or even because they’re pretty.  i’m taking it a few steps further now and making things only if they fit into a very thoughtful category, involving cut, color, comfort, practicality, design, etc. Continue reading

birthday skirt


i know.  this skirt is quite outside my usual aesthetic.  remember how i throw everything away? how i hate collections of things?  how i pathologically purge anything resembling a pile?  recently, i even bestowed a good portion of my fabric shelves to you guys.  partially, that was to make room for the yards (and yards, and yards) of fabric i just bought to support my women’s line.  shopping for business is so tough when you’re a small, one person operation.  you never know what if anything will sell, and if you don’t have extra on hand, you risk fabric discontinuation (as happened in my most popular girl’s dress, which has to be retired).  if you buy a ton and nothing sells………you just have a ton of fabric.  which is an issue if you HATE PILES. Continue reading

kids clothes week: mini me


i’m a list person.  i love to make them, i love to check items off, i love to complete them and throw them away.  currently, i have six evolving to-do lists pertaining only to my crafts.  between the shop, the blog, product development and refinement, photography, advertising, shopping, gift making, etc, there always seems to be a steady stream of tasks to carry out in my sewing room.  with roughly three hours a day to complete parts here and there of these tasks, i need every minute i can hoard to get to these lists.  as a result, i don’t always have as much time as i’d like to just play, and do fun things–such is the sacrifice when your hobby becomes your job, right?  making clothes for bean NEVER gets on a list–too impractical; she’ll never wear them.  and kids clothes week has sadly been cut from the list a few seasons running now, too, as much as i enjoy it. Continue reading

GIVEAWAY: fabric destash day 4- kid fabric (closed)



here are a couple kid friendly fabrics for you guys, one yard each.  the fish and apples are both flannel, the giraffes are quilting cotton.  all of them would be cute garments or linings for little ones.

i loved hearing about your favorite books!  how about your favorite movie?  all time favorite, childhood favorite, favorite this year, what have you.

GIVEAWAY: fabric destash day 3, knits (closed)



enough with the wovens–who among you is brave enough to adopt some of my favorite knits? both of these are lightweight, drapey, stretchy and very soft.  i’m no good with the components of knits or the percentage or direction of stretch, but i will say, these make super comfortable dresses and shirts.  there is about 1.5 yds of the pink chevron and maybe about 2 yds of the crazy bird fabric (crazy awesome, obviously).  i’d keep them, but i’ve spent almost a year trying to figure out another use for them– how many pink chevron and crazy bird wardrobe pieces can one have, really?  one of each is enough for me.  now you can have some, too!

leave one comment below if you’re interested in these fabrics…why don’t you tell me your favorite book?

GIVEAWAY: fabric destash day 2, eyelets and florals (closed)

ok, so i technically missed day 2.  we have visitors from out of town all week and have really not been home at all, so it’s tough to find a minute to take pics of my crazy stacks of fabric and get them posted!  today, in the interest of time, you get blurry iphone photos, but you get the idea.  and for fellow wordpress users, WHAT happened to the embedded photo editor?!  i hate whatever is happening right now, and it seems permanent.  i don’t handle change well.photoanyway, here are some eyelets for you–2 yards of the greenish floral, about 1 yard of the bright pink (better photographed here) and a choppy 1 yard or so of the white, which is embroidered but not actually eyelet (seen here).  the pink and white fabrics are part of my india stash!  all 100% cotton, great for spring and summer garments.

Continue reading