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  1. Hi Ashley 🙂 I’m really enjoying following your blog and so happy to know about it. Sewing for me is such a therapeutic hobby, and I’m only now starting to make clothing items – both for me and my daughter. I have the Wiksten tank and Tova patterns, as well as the little Geranium dress pattern, but haven’t tried them yet, so it’s great to see what you’ve done with them! And it’s really great to reconnect with you this way – your talent is a delight to see! We should definitely collaborate on something fun one of these days. 🙂 – Keya

    • hi keya! how wonderful to see you here! sewing does seem to be so therapeutic, especially for parents. i think it must have to do with a sense of accomplishment, which is difficult to achieve around the little ones. you could sit down and make yourself a wiksten tank this afternoon, if you so chose. do it! and geranium is a wonderful pattern as well. i would love to see what you make and am always up for collaboration, just holler!

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