project gallery

spring/summer 14 kidsss14kids

row 1:  hiking shirts, camping capes, hiking pants, back to school


spring/summer 14



row 1:  freedom scout, madewell scout,  mother’s day dress, shine tank

row 2:  knit scout, colorblock chambray dress, lattice tee, stripe dress

row 3:  seersucker shirt, epic shawl


fall/winter 14

row 1:  tuxedo, plaid peplum, holiday pastille, late lunch tunic

row 2:  pocho scout tee, knit scout tee, lattice tee, tribal scout tee


spring/summer 13


row 1:  scalloped sorbetto, wiksten tank dress, washi dress, date night dress + simple slip

row 2:  darling ranges bday dress, sleeveless darling ranges, jersey dresses, chevron tank

row 3:  grainline splitback tank, india tanks, shirting tova, native fringe tank

row 4:  stripey peplum, confetti peplum, bryant park tova, little red dress


spring/summer 2013ss13kids

row 1:  swingset tunic, mint chocolate geranium, picnic shorts, striped tee + shorts, willow geranium

row 2:  colorful capris, gold dot dress, flying geese hoodie, striped tee, sailboat pants

row 3:  sailboat shirt + linen pants, triangle tee, tribal tees, chevron mini tank, dreaming in color dress

row 4:  ticking geranium, picnic shorts, ticking hoodie, simple dress, flutter skirt

row 5:  ombre tee, little bird dress, spring jacket, shirting geranium, pink petri geranium

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