birthday skirt


i know.  this skirt is quite outside my usual aesthetic.  remember how i throw everything away? how i hate collections of things?  how i pathologically purge anything resembling a pile?  recently, i even bestowed a good portion of my fabric shelves to you guys.  partially, that was to make room for the yards (and yards, and yards) of fabric i just bought to support my women’s line.  shopping for business is so tough when you’re a small, one person operation.  you never know what if anything will sell, and if you don’t have extra on hand, you risk fabric discontinuation (as happened in my most popular girl’s dress, which has to be retired).  if you buy a ton and nothing sells………you just have a ton of fabric.  which is an issue if you HATE PILES. Continue reading

darling ranges birthday dress

IMG_1641happy birthday to me!  don’t worry, i wrote this monster yesterday, because today i’m doing…NOTHING!  this, you guys, is a very special dress for many reasons.  it’s a dress i wore to commemorate my final birthday in my twenties, the most complicated garment i’ve made for myself so far (intermediate, heyo!), and created with a pattern and a fabric with unique and memorable origins.  i have a lot to say about this dress, but i think i have enough photos to break it up into manageable pieces.  where to begin…

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last geranium and wrap-up!


well, here we are!  the final day already!  you have probably come to appreciate two things this week, first, that this is a highly adaptable, versatile, solid, must-have pattern, and two, man, can i ever botch a basic pattern that i have made repetitiously.  the latter is no better demonstrated than in this final geranium, one i dreamed of for months, debating fabric choices, searching high and low, finally importing this gorgeous nani iro double gauze straight from japan, all for the honor of clothing my daughter on the great occasion of her third birthday. Continue reading

birthday boys

we’ve got a fair number of little boys inhabiting this neighborhood, which provides many opportunities to exercise my boy clothing brain when birthdays roll around.  while clearly my repertoire isn’t incredibly diverse, this hoodie pattern has served me quite well in this regard, and is obviously highly adaptable.  i’ve already made a couple for reese, and pulled it out again twice in the past month for the recent birthday boys on our block.


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happy mothers’ day!


or is it mother’s day?  i never know.  may is a busy month for us, with mother’s’ day, both kids’ birthdays, and our wedding anniversary (which is the last day of the month and routinely forgotten after all that precedes it).  now that the kids are getting older and i’m not either getting married or having a baby annually during this month, our family is able to embrace it as a time of celebration of spring (or summer, here) with many happy occasions to acknowledge in their own way.

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