spring cleaning


well, it’s officially spring.  here, that means 80 degree temps, flowering trees giving way to lush greenery, and great produce.  i heard recently on the news that for the northern part of this country, it means yet more freezing temps and blizzard conditions.  i will remind people of this winter when they ask me if i miss the midwest.  nope. Continue reading

gift exchange


it’s DONE.  and i made it just in time.  you might notice the conspicuous absence of any gifts for children, namely my own children, which is precisely why everyone else’s gifts were completed on time.  given my kids don’t even yet understand what christmas is and they are royally spoiled by their grandparents, i knew they wouldn’t mind, or even notice.  so, you can expect to see a lot of kid clothes trickling onto the blog over the next few weeks as i slowly work through all the projects intended for this week.  in the meantime, check out the following tutorials and patterns that helped make this a handmade christmas! Continue reading

december miscellaneous


i just spelled miscellaneous correctly on the first try.  it’s going to be a good day.  anyhow, i realize it’s christmas eve and there are a multitude of other things i could be doing as there’s no urgency to blog.  however, i have a little window (many visitors=many babysitters) where i can toss up a quick one about some of the things keeping us busy this december and the great tutorials/patterns to go along with them. Continue reading

cowl countdown to christmas week 4: button up cowl


welcome to the final week, everyone!  i’ve had a lot of fun knitting from the hip, so to speak, for the last few weeks, and you have no idea how happy it has made me to get your comments and feedback.  to know that i’m in some way helping people realize the joy of knitting and handmade gifting (for yourself or others) is awesome–i told you, knitting is easy!  and so rewarding!  i foresee this becoming a tradition, and i’m already thinking up other series we can complete together in this space.  suggestions strongly encouraged! Continue reading

cowl countdown to christmas, week 3: criss cross cable cowl


so, now that you’ve got two weeks of fairly simple construction under your belt, are you ready to amp it up a little for week 3??  i knew i wanted to do some sort of cabled cowl, and after a few false starts, this is what i went with.  if you’ve never cabled before, don’t be intimidated.  i took a million one-handed pictures (that’s hard even when you’re not holding knitting needles) and am going to walk you through it every step of the way.

Continue reading

cowl countdown to christmas, week 2: mustard seed cowl


are you mustarded out yet?  i promise, PROMISE this is the last time i talk about mustard here for awhile.  i just had so much mustard material left over from my intended grown-up projects turned kid projects.  the lighting is so bad in these  pictures, i probably could have fooled you into thinking this wasn’t mustard anyway, but i couldn’t resist the name. Continue reading

cowl countdown to christmas, week 1: venus cowl

update 1/2/15:  hello friends, i apologize for the inconvenience, but i developed some storage issues on my current server just before christmas, and my gallery archives have been disrupted as a result.  i am working as quickly as i can to permanently correct this issue, but the process has been slowed with the holidays.  i thank you for your continued patience and promise to have the tutorials back in tip top shape as soon as i possibly can.

welcome to cowl countdown to christmas!  for the next four weeks, i will post a weekly cowl tutorial in the spirit of giving.  i find handmade gifts to be a gift both to the recipient and to the maker, so i want to encourage as many people as possible to get in on this gift-giving loophole!  these cowls will all be at beginner level knitting and use one skein of yarn–fast, easy, affordable.  what else can you hope for during the holiday season?!  so get on board!  and email me a picture of what you make 🙂

now listen up, because this little number is the easiest thing you’ll ever knit.  for real.  it is composed entirely of knit and purl stitches, no increases or decreases, knit flat in one piece, and see all those buttons?  not a single button hole to speak of.  not one.  with super bulky yarn (one skein!) on big old needles, it’s shorter than a scarf and easily works up in a single afternoon.  check one gift off your list! Continue reading