super stocked super tote



as new, exhausted, exasperated parents, we often hear, “kids don’t come with an instruction manual.”  ain’t that the truth.  every baby is different, even if as a parent you are the same.  every one of them requires their own individual tool kit, and adding a new one to the fray can definitely throw that equilibrium out of whack.  there’s not much we can do as bystanders to aid growing families in this transitional period other than offer our love and support…and this bag. Continue reading

birch canvas super tote

supertotei told you guys i had a lot of projects coming down the pike!  remember long long ago in my month off from parenting, i mentioned a new purse on my to do list?  i managed to knock out a new wallet (also on my to do list), and got as far as cutting the purse, but didn’t quite get around to sewing it up until a week or two ago.   Continue reading