little red dress


well you guys, this is it!  the final piece of my handmade vacation wardrobe.  i actually finished it awhile back with some super cheap fabric i picked up in the “silky prints” section of joanns (read, 100% polyester).  between a sale and a coupon, i paid $9 for 3 yds.  nice!  anyway, i intended to use the fabric for the simplicity 2215 sew along that never was, but it was too flimsy.  yet, the print variation at the selvedge cried out for a dress, so, a dress it would be.  of course, to include the print variation, i had to cut against the grain…rogue sewing, you guys. Continue reading

bryant park tova


i told you i had more tovas on the horizon…i was going to go sleeveless this time (and should have considering how blistering it was in both austin and new york), but this fabric is so fallish, i wanted it to be more of a cooler weather piece.  however, i couldn’t resist photographing as much as possible in gorgeous nyc. Continue reading

a month in review


my friends, what a fine month it was.  countertops cleared after one year of accumulating piles, cars cleaned and serviced, blades sharpened, walls painted, wardrobe multiplied, books read, faraway destinations traveled, old friends visited, new friends made.  a little business, a *lot* of pleasure.  a month long vacation is luxurious by any standard…i really vacillated over whether or not to write a roundup post at all because it makes me self conscious.  but, i really made it count, you guys…i don’t think a moment was wasted.  and i want you to know there was no sloth to be had.  the immediate and self-perceived dire needs of toddlers quickly erase any memory of relaxation, so join me in a walk down memory lane as i recall what it was like to have a month to do WHATEVER I WANTED. Continue reading

boucherouite washi


that’s actually not a salutation in some exotic language.  it’s the name of this dress.  boucherouite is the name of the fabric i used (and apparently some style of morroccan rug…?), and washi, of course, is the name of this very popular frock by none other than madame rae.  in a few days, i’m flying home to michigan (alone with two toddlers, yeah!) for my cousin’s bridal shower.  i don’t own anything appropriate to wear because, as i’ve noteed, i dress like a slob, and last time i was in chicago i tried on my sister’s entire extensive dress wardrobe and wasn’t happy with how any of it fit.  a perfect excuse to graduate to making my own dresses!  and, in case you were sick of my favorite field of weeds, this gorgeousness is just a short stroll from my front door as well, so i thought i’d switch it up.  have i mentioned i LOVE WHERE I LIVE? Continue reading

kcw project six: dreaming in color dress


perhaps you hadn’t noticed, but shot cottons are kind of having a moment on the blog this week.  they could practically be the kcw theme for me!  and how deserving they are.  it has been a pleasure to experiment with them all week, and now that we’re nearing the end (already?!) and i have a clear idea of what my final projects will be, i wanted one last shot cotton project to really showcase this lovely fabric. Continue reading