kcw: chevron mini wiksten tank


one last project to polish off kcw summer 2013!  i spent about two days this week churning out a few new duds for myself, so eventually you will see the adult version of this shirt.  i just got this cute chevron with great drape from girl charlee and made myself a new wiksten tank.  i figured it might be more flattering in a drapey knit than it was in the voile.  anyhow, just couldn’t resist making a bean version.  i wonder if she’ll be 10% excited as me to wear our new matching wardrobe together.  most likely not. Continue reading

kcw project 3: tribal tees


i managed to *just* get my craft room organized enough to resume sewing for a bit.  i tend to get so involved in any given project that i quickly need a break with another project, so back to sewing it was.  mostly, as intended, it’s been sewing for me…but with all the scraps, i just couldn’t resist a little matchy matchy action.  so, bean and i are both getting a new summer wardrobe. Continue reading

kcw project four: flashback tee and simple dress


in some of these photos, he is smiling.  in others, he is grimacing.  i leave it to you to decide which is which.  today brings two simple projects that became more complicated related to sewing burnout…kcw is halfway over and fatigue is setting in! Continue reading

kcw project two: flashback tee pinspiration


if you read regularly, you’re aware of my recent pinterest obsession.  it has actually temporarily peaked, as i became very consumed with tracing and cutting patterns over the past weeks (seriously, imagine how productive i am *without* two toddlers around), but i still love returning to my boards for inspiration (pinspiration, if you will) and centering.  i liken pinterest to language acquisition.  i have a lot of very undefined ideas, and pinterest has put a world of concrete goods at my fingertips to help bring those ideas to life.  so fun. Continue reading

kcw project one: flashback tees and some pintuck shorts


may i present to you project one, some basic tees and shorts to kick off the summer (it’s in the mid 80s daily here!).  both tees come from one of the most flexible, and thus, essential patterns a mom seamstress can own, the flashback skinny tee from rae.  i hardly need to sing the praises of this pattern and imagine these will join a legion of hundreds more this week (i myself have a few more cut).  fast, thorough, easy, indispensable.  what rae’s patterns are known for! Continue reading

spring cleaning

DSC04753long ago, long before i owned a sewing machine, i knew that someday i would, and when that day came, i would recycle all of our used clothing into clothes for the kids.  a cross country move is an excellent time for a purge, and i *love* to throw things away.  i’m not very organized or neat, but i don’t purposely hang on to much.  once i do get around to tidying up, i throw away EVERYTHING.  like, the tiny id bands my babies wore home from the hospital.  irreplaceable keepsake, or clutter?  you can guess where those ended up.   Continue reading

ctb: project seven, white rhino


i still have a few projects to get through, but guys, this one is going to be hard to beat.  great pattern, repurposed material (i.e., free), quick assembly, very wearable and the kid loves it…it seems i’ve peaked midway through this sew along.  but it’s ok, this shirt is worth it!  and don’t worry, this face is still happening: Continue reading