GIVEAWAY: fabric destash day 3, knits (closed)



enough with the wovens–who among you is brave enough to adopt some of my favorite knits? both of these are lightweight, drapey, stretchy and very soft.  i’m no good with the components of knits or the percentage or direction of stretch, but i will say, these make super comfortable dresses and shirts.  there is about 1.5 yds of the pink chevron and maybe about 2 yds of the crazy bird fabric (crazy awesome, obviously).  i’d keep them, but i’ve spent almost a year trying to figure out another use for them– how many pink chevron and crazy bird wardrobe pieces can one have, really?  one of each is enough for me.  now you can have some, too!

leave one comment below if you’re interested in these fabrics…why don’t you tell me your favorite book?

stripey peplum


i jumped on the peplum craze full force in the last couple of weeks, which can only mean it’s probably on the way out since i tend to be behind the times (to put it mildly).  anyway, i think they’re cute, and it turns out they’re fairly easy to make.  i ordered quite a bit of this striped jersey from girl charlee awhile back thinking it was something else.  i’m not crazy about it, but it’s very thin, incredibly soft, and i’ll never let stripes go to waste, so it seemed a perfect medium for some peplum experimentation. Continue reading

a whole lot of dresses

IMG_2175 and one tank.  i know it’s a tall order, but after a little thought and a lot of sewing, i’ve decided to blog about all my jersey dresses in one giant post rather than split them into several shorties.  i already have a few new garments finished and even photographed, and i don’t want the old blog to get backed up as i flit feverishly from one project to the next as i’m prone to do. as usual, i’m telling myself there isn’t a whole lot to say about these dresses, but i know i always manage to find plenty to say about everything.  so, if you get bored, you can just look at the pictures (with a higher than average amount of photo bombing). Continue reading

a month in review


my friends, what a fine month it was.  countertops cleared after one year of accumulating piles, cars cleaned and serviced, blades sharpened, walls painted, wardrobe multiplied, books read, faraway destinations traveled, old friends visited, new friends made.  a little business, a *lot* of pleasure.  a month long vacation is luxurious by any standard…i really vacillated over whether or not to write a roundup post at all because it makes me self conscious.  but, i really made it count, you guys…i don’t think a moment was wasted.  and i want you to know there was no sloth to be had.  the immediate and self-perceived dire needs of toddlers quickly erase any memory of relaxation, so join me in a walk down memory lane as i recall what it was like to have a month to do WHATEVER I WANTED. Continue reading

skirt week 2013, a late submission


i realize i’m crashing my own party here, but while i’ve been doing a lot of posting this week, there hasn’t been a ton of sewing.  i’m actually in the middle of a fairly significant quilting project, and with all the mind numbing meditative cutting and measuring, i was itching to just sew something quick and satisfying.  i have a couple of cut projects out in my craft room for emergencies such as these, and a day or two ago, picked up the remainder of the totally luscious jersey stripe i used for this shirt. Continue reading

birthday boys

we’ve got a fair number of little boys inhabiting this neighborhood, which provides many opportunities to exercise my boy clothing brain when birthdays roll around.  while clearly my repertoire isn’t incredibly diverse, this hoodie pattern has served me quite well in this regard, and is obviously highly adaptable.  i’ve already made a couple for reese, and pulled it out again twice in the past month for the recent birthday boys on our block.


Continue reading

kcw withdrawal: two for the road?


i thought i’d be overly ripe for a break from sewing at the end of this past week, but as it turns out, such was not the case.  given my absurd degree of preparation, variation of projects, and strict daily schedule of tasks, i ended the week with plenty of both finished garments and energy.  and after cleaning my craft room and catching up on laundry (to the extent it’s usually caught up, i.e. 50%), never one to spend a nap time idly, i found that i just wanted to sew some more! Continue reading

kcw project four: flashback tee and simple dress


in some of these photos, he is smiling.  in others, he is grimacing.  i leave it to you to decide which is which.  today brings two simple projects that became more complicated related to sewing burnout…kcw is halfway over and fatigue is setting in! Continue reading

kcw project one: flashback tees and some pintuck shorts


may i present to you project one, some basic tees and shorts to kick off the summer (it’s in the mid 80s daily here!).  both tees come from one of the most flexible, and thus, essential patterns a mom seamstress can own, the flashback skinny tee from rae.  i hardly need to sing the praises of this pattern and imagine these will join a legion of hundreds more this week (i myself have a few more cut).  fast, thorough, easy, indispensable.  what rae’s patterns are known for! Continue reading

spring cleaning

DSC04753long ago, long before i owned a sewing machine, i knew that someday i would, and when that day came, i would recycle all of our used clothing into clothes for the kids.  a cross country move is an excellent time for a purge, and i *love* to throw things away.  i’m not very organized or neat, but i don’t purposely hang on to much.  once i do get around to tidying up, i throw away EVERYTHING.  like, the tiny id bands my babies wore home from the hospital.  irreplaceable keepsake, or clutter?  you can guess where those ended up.   Continue reading