birthday skirt


i know.  this skirt is quite outside my usual aesthetic.  remember how i throw everything away? how i hate collections of things?  how i pathologically purge anything resembling a pile?  recently, i even bestowed a good portion of my fabric shelves to you guys.  partially, that was to make room for the yards (and yards, and yards) of fabric i just bought to support my women’s line.  shopping for business is so tough when you’re a small, one person operation.  you never know what if anything will sell, and if you don’t have extra on hand, you risk fabric discontinuation (as happened in my most popular girl’s dress, which has to be retired).  if you buy a ton and nothing sells………you just have a ton of fabric.  which is an issue if you HATE PILES. Continue reading

kids clothes week: mini me


i’m a list person.  i love to make them, i love to check items off, i love to complete them and throw them away.  currently, i have six evolving to-do lists pertaining only to my crafts.  between the shop, the blog, product development and refinement, photography, advertising, shopping, gift making, etc, there always seems to be a steady stream of tasks to carry out in my sewing room.  with roughly three hours a day to complete parts here and there of these tasks, i need every minute i can hoard to get to these lists.  as a result, i don’t always have as much time as i’d like to just play, and do fun things–such is the sacrifice when your hobby becomes your job, right?  making clothes for bean NEVER gets on a list–too impractical; she’ll never wear them.  and kids clothes week has sadly been cut from the list a few seasons running now, too, as much as i enjoy it. Continue reading

kcw project 1 and art fair preview 2

 kid's clothes week
hi everyone!  coming up for air again very briefly to share some projects.  you all know my deep loyalty for kcw (and every time i visit the site, i am blown away by how much it’s expanding…way to go, meg!), but when i saw the dates this year, i knew it wasn’t meant to be.  i had vowed to do nothing but art fair projects until december, with the exception of using kcw as a break to do some fun sewing for my own kids.  but, this is a crazy week for us as we’re leaving early thursday to fly back to michigan for my cousin’s wedding.  i have the distinct honor of making the canopy under which they’ll be wed, which ended up taking waaaaaaaaay longer than i anticipated (it’s both top secret and so giant i can’t take photos quite yet, but will try to snap some on the big day). Continue reading

a month in review


my friends, what a fine month it was.  countertops cleared after one year of accumulating piles, cars cleaned and serviced, blades sharpened, walls painted, wardrobe multiplied, books read, faraway destinations traveled, old friends visited, new friends made.  a little business, a *lot* of pleasure.  a month long vacation is luxurious by any standard…i really vacillated over whether or not to write a roundup post at all because it makes me self conscious.  but, i really made it count, you guys…i don’t think a moment was wasted.  and i want you to know there was no sloth to be had.  the immediate and self-perceived dire needs of toddlers quickly erase any memory of relaxation, so join me in a walk down memory lane as i recall what it was like to have a month to do WHATEVER I WANTED. Continue reading

kcw: chevron mini wiksten tank


one last project to polish off kcw summer 2013!  i spent about two days this week churning out a few new duds for myself, so eventually you will see the adult version of this shirt.  i just got this cute chevron with great drape from girl charlee and made myself a new wiksten tank.  i figured it might be more flattering in a drapey knit than it was in the voile.  anyhow, just couldn’t resist making a bean version.  i wonder if she’ll be 10% excited as me to wear our new matching wardrobe together.  most likely not. Continue reading

kcw project four: self drafted shorts


ok, i’m jumbling these both into one post because the weekend part of my birthday week is upon us, and plans are picking up!  birthday dress is done and wearable as of midnight last night…it will make an appearance here in the coming weeks.  for now, it’s time to wrap up SHORTS.  well, capris. Continue reading

kcw project 3: tribal tees


i managed to *just* get my craft room organized enough to resume sewing for a bit.  i tend to get so involved in any given project that i quickly need a break with another project, so back to sewing it was.  mostly, as intended, it’s been sewing for me…but with all the scraps, i just couldn’t resist a little matchy matchy action.  so, bean and i are both getting a new summer wardrobe. Continue reading

classic picnic shorts

IMG_1317just popping in for a *very* quick writeup on these shorts!  craft room renovation is very much underway, and i have to get it done before my bosses return or it could take months.  plus i’m trying really hard to sew an entire summer wardrobe for myself.  and a birthday dress.  and a new purse.  and a new wallet.  how many days do i have left?  my house is so filthy. Continue reading

kcw day 1: linen sailor pants

IMG_1322i’m approaching kcw a bit differently this time around…as in, not like a drill sergeant.  i had my own, personal little kcw to write my guest post only two weeks ago, and seeing as this is my month of me, i have to use this last week without kiddos to polish off a few other projects still in the queue (major sewing room renovations underway, so not totally conducive to sewing right now).  however, i plan to do a short writeup of the projects i completed for the guest post, so i’ll still be showing my face at the beautiful new kcw site…what can i say, it’s hard for me to stay away!

Continue reading

kcw guest post: behind the scenes

if i were just about any other blogger, this post would go something like this:KCWC

hey everyone!  are you ready to get fired up for some summer sewing?!  in just one week, the first ever kids clothes week, summer edition, will be underway.  you all know how i love me some kcw, so i hope you’ll join me in what’s sure to be a fun week full of late night sewing disasters/triumphs and bribery induced kid photo shoots.  i’m over at the kcw blog today to talk all about shorts, so head on over to check it out.  make sure you keep visiting over there throughout this kickoff week for all kinds of summer wardrobe inspiration.  while you’re there, grab a button, and sign up to sew along! Continue reading