what happens in vegas

i’d describe my current state as mildly discombobulated.  the little bosses are back in business and have been dishing out orders for a solid week now, but the transition was gradual as their return was marked with a family reunion and my folks stuck around until early this morning.  i actually have an entire post written to summarize the past month, but the pictures from my various adventures are in all different places and it was starting to really stress me out to get that post squared away as time continued to tick by without showing my face here.

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darling ranges birthday dress

IMG_1641happy birthday to me!  don’t worry, i wrote this monster yesterday, because today i’m doing…NOTHING!  this, you guys, is a very special dress for many reasons.  it’s a dress i wore to commemorate my final birthday in my twenties, the most complicated garment i’ve made for myself so far (intermediate, heyo!), and created with a pattern and a fabric with unique and memorable origins.  i have a lot to say about this dress, but i think i have enough photos to break it up into manageable pieces.  where to begin…

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