spring cleaning


well, it’s officially spring.  here, that means 80 degree temps, flowering trees giving way to lush greenery, and great produce.  i heard recently on the news that for the northern part of this country, it means yet more freezing temps and blizzard conditions.  i will remind people of this winter when they ask me if i miss the midwest.  nope. Continue reading

geranium #5: mint chocolate geranium

this geranium also comes from the monster stash my mom nabbed me in india.  the white counterpart was recently used for my sorbetto top.  i received this giant fabric import the same week i bought the geranium pattern, so several hours were spent just cutting version after version with my oodles of new fabric.  it was fun.  bad lighting for these pics, unfortunately.

IMG_0618 Continue reading

hello 2013 and echino peacoats


you might remember that i didn’t quite get the kids’ christmas gifts done in time.  these coats were to be theirs on the 25th, but would have been lost in the excitement of so many bright and shiny new things.  in our continued efforts to strive for simplicity in our lives, just like their parents, each child would receive precisely one gift that required thought and care.  the materials, a little more expensive and tailored not just to bodies but also to personalities.  it was precisely one year ago that i challenged myself to a year of handmade giving, and a challenge it was.  but full of so many rewards, lessons, gratitude and fulfillment.  i encourage you to consider a similar challenge, even if smaller scale, for 2013. Continue reading