art fair preview #1

i know i said my next post would be the tutorial to make this dress, but i sort of get the feeling nobody’s really *clamoring* for it, so i’m deviating a bit from the plan here to catch you all up on what has totally taken over my life for the past few weeks.  i have long been dragging my feet on turning out art fair inventory, mostly because i am a total novice and unsure of what to even make!  many artists probably go into these things with existing inventory, or at least a clear idea of who they are and what they do.  i have none of these things.  there has thus been a lot of this in the past few months:


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march purge


did i tell you guys i had a lot of projects planned?  see exhibit a, above.  march has been a busy month finishing up lingering projects (5, 6), whipping up some last minute ones (2, 4, 7), and just generally staying busy in the craft room.  i accumulated so much stuff over the past few weeks that i’ve decided to roll it all into one long post, because it was too hard to parse out categories vs. gifts without ruining surprises as they travel to their rightful recipients.  so, break out your decoder rings for a look at what i’ve been up to… Continue reading

why craft blogs> cooking blogs.


cooking blogs are high maintenance, even when they’re meant to display food that’s just the opposite.  i do love to cook, but when something goes awry, i can’t send readers off into sure failure and hope for the best.  so, posting on a cooking blog requires an undue amount of testing, tinkering, adjusting and perfecting even before all the photos and writing. Continue reading

gift exchange


it’s DONE.  and i made it just in time.  you might notice the conspicuous absence of any gifts for children, namely my own children, which is precisely why everyone else’s gifts were completed on time.  given my kids don’t even yet understand what christmas is and they are royally spoiled by their grandparents, i knew they wouldn’t mind, or even notice.  so, you can expect to see a lot of kid clothes trickling onto the blog over the next few weeks as i slowly work through all the projects intended for this week.  in the meantime, check out the following tutorials and patterns that helped make this a handmade christmas! Continue reading