mother-daughter tribal tees


well, i had a strong push to the finish for my half-involvement in kcw, and i really went for it with the mini me theme.  because after all, why should the kids have all the fun?!  i’ve been wanting to sew more for my own wardrobe for months, but with all the other projects on the cutting table, and my burgeoning interest in and attention to curating my own wardrobe, i’ve been slow to execute.  i think that’s a good thing!  i get into manic phases of production where i just hammer out item after item–that’s fine for kids who wear the crap out of their clothes and grow out of them quickly, but i am trying hard to take a mindful approach to my own wardrobe and appearance, and not sew things just because i can, or they’re available, or even because they’re pretty.  i’m taking it a few steps further now and making things only if they fit into a very thoughtful category, involving cut, color, comfort, practicality, design, etc. Continue reading

confetti peplum


is two peplums too much?  it’s the last one, i promise.  i bought this confetti rayon at joann’s on sale awhile back, if you can believe that.  it was one of those instances where i couldn’t tell if it was ugly or awesome, which i feel like applies to ~80% of my fabric purchases.  now i think it’s awesome. anyway, this is a wild and crazy little sewing experiment (like most of my projects since i continue to avoid commercial patterns out of irrational fear) that actually turned out quite well!   Continue reading

date night dress + simple slip

i told you guys i’d have more adult sewing in store, but i had to keep mum on exactly what until today…very excited to give you an exclusive sneak preview of april rhodes‘ new pattern(s), the date night dress (left) and simple slip (right)!  awkward photo shoots are part and parcel of self-sewing, but i must admit it’s still bizarre for me to see so many pictures of my body from so many angles…please be gentle (and if you want to comment on my apparently mom-buff arm, i won’t hold it against you).

dressslip Continue reading