more grainline + nani iro

i am filling my closet with grainline shirts made in nani iro, and i don’t feel bad about it.  i think it’s a perfect marriage of simple, quality garments and beautiful, wearable fabric.  what else can you ask of a wardrobe?madewell scout1 Continue reading

japanese scouts x2


i started sewing for myself just as the weather began warming here last year, and was on a major tank kick the whole summer.  i did knit, woven, split back, dress and peplum versions of some great basic tank patterns–the sorbetto (free!), the wiksten, and the tiny pocket variety.  a basic tank pattern is very adaptable and great to have.  while i’m not over tanks by any means, sometimes i did have trouble with the fit despite how basic they are–gaping armholes, low cut necks, too boxy or unflattering.  while i do recall getting one of those patterns tweaked just right, i decided this year to play around with a tee pattern for a change.  you’ve already seen a few versions of this awesome pattern, a double gauze, a knit and a rayon, and today i have two more, my two new favorite shirts! Continue reading

mother-daughter tribal tees


well, i had a strong push to the finish for my half-involvement in kcw, and i really went for it with the mini me theme.  because after all, why should the kids have all the fun?!  i’ve been wanting to sew more for my own wardrobe for months, but with all the other projects on the cutting table, and my burgeoning interest in and attention to curating my own wardrobe, i’ve been slow to execute.  i think that’s a good thing!  i get into manic phases of production where i just hammer out item after item–that’s fine for kids who wear the crap out of their clothes and grow out of them quickly, but i am trying hard to take a mindful approach to my own wardrobe and appearance, and not sew things just because i can, or they’re available, or even because they’re pretty.  i’m taking it a few steps further now and making things only if they fit into a very thoughtful category, involving cut, color, comfort, practicality, design, etc. Continue reading

grainline scout tee, two ways


has it already been two weeks since i showed my face here?  we are busy as ever, but i was struck down yesterday with a nasty stomach bug going around…so now that i’m temporarily bedridden, i can do some blogging!  a couple of weeks ago i got very motivated to start crafting a new 2014 wardrobe.  i have quite a lot of fabric to sew through, a plethora of patterns i want to try out, and frankly, sewing for myself is much more rewarding than sewing for the kids, who aren’t interested in what i make for them anyway.  similarly, i think there’s a good market for handmade women’s clothing, and people are perhaps less conscientious about what they buy for babies, i don’t know.  the point being, eventually i’d like to expand mohr studio into women’s clothing.  i have a long way to go in terms of pattern development and sewing skill, but the upshot of this of course is that i can experiment heavily on myself! Continue reading