mohr studio women’s, part i



well you guys, here it is…the premier of my women’s clothing line!  honestly it feels a little anticlimactic to me because i completed these garments and mostly photographed them almost a month ago.  i had plans for pattern tweaking and re-photographing, but honestly, i had to cut my losses.  i am not a professional designer, pattern drafter, model or photographer, nor am i expecting a gross influx of business based on the desire for women’s clothing made by yours truly.  i spent a while mulling over these pieces, planning other pieces for the collection, even getting so far as a few new muslins, but i decided to just start small and see how it goes.  i finally overcame the hurculean task of photographing and creating etsy listings, so i thought i would follow up on the old blog about each piece in a bit more detail.  i really do love them all. Continue reading

ctb: projects four, five & six, pants pants revolution


just look at this kid.  i’m trying to figure out whether it’s possible to go head over heels from him *just* from pictures, without witnessing the little magical elf trounce around in person.  i don’t know, what do you think?  at least you must be gaining an appreciation for his keen eye for fashion.  i digress. Continue reading

indian summer seersucker outfits

as a recent transplant from the midwest to california, 80 degree days right through october have my internal fall mechanism totally on its head.  where are the apple orchards and changing leaves?  the chunky sweaters and knee high boots?  i’m told it will cool down soon (i suppose it already has since summer days routinely broke 100 degrees) but for now, we’re enjoying the northen california indian summer in our short sleeves.  indian summer is always my favorite time of year, all the sights, sounds and smells of fall, but with the warmth of summer.  the best of both worlds!  if that means 80 degrees instead of 65, i really can’t complain. Continue reading