shirting tova


you guys would be proud of me…over the past week or so, i have been devoting maybe half of my sewing time to art fair inventory.  it’s creating an irrational fear that if i spend so much time making pouches and bags, i won’t have anything to blog about.  but in fact, there’s no reason i can’t also share those projects with you (and maybe you’re sick of seeing my squinty face in a new dress every week anyway), and my self sewing fever hasn’t fully subsided, so i’m accumulating a steady backlog of projects.  so today, squinty face in a new dress it is.  i’m sorry; there are no clouds in this part of the country. Continue reading

skirt week 2013, a late submission


i realize i’m crashing my own party here, but while i’ve been doing a lot of posting this week, there hasn’t been a ton of sewing.  i’m actually in the middle of a fairly significant quilting project, and with all the mind numbing meditative cutting and measuring, i was itching to just sew something quick and satisfying.  i have a couple of cut projects out in my craft room for emergencies such as these, and a day or two ago, picked up the remainder of the totally luscious jersey stripe i used for this shirt. Continue reading

birthday boys

we’ve got a fair number of little boys inhabiting this neighborhood, which provides many opportunities to exercise my boy clothing brain when birthdays roll around.  while clearly my repertoire isn’t incredibly diverse, this hoodie pattern has served me quite well in this regard, and is obviously highly adaptable.  i’ve already made a couple for reese, and pulled it out again twice in the past month for the recent birthday boys on our block.


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ctb: project one


i would like to open this sew along with this pullover hoodie that has been cut out, waiting patiently for over a month.  i bought the pattern and the fabric (on sale at joann’s) back in december, but just couldn’t manage to fire up the sewing machine until this week.  after so many weeks of working tirelessly on projects, yet feeling like nothing is actually happening, it’s so nice to return to sewing and the instant gratification it brings. Continue reading