india tanks

happy labor day!  i hope you’re all enjoying a restful long weekend, or just regular weekend if you’re not a labor day celebrator.  i was just organizing my photos and realized i have to pick up my project sharing a bit or i’m going to get really behind.  so, first and foremost, i wanted to show you a few more in the lineup of my goldie locks tank making spree, because i said i would:


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grainline split back tank


guys, i have officially caught the self sewing fever.  notice, i’m not referring to it as “selfish” anymore.  some very interesting things are happening as a result.  first, my wardrobe is growing faster than it has in several years.  i’m not a big clothes person, but my fever is resulting in at least one garment per week…far more than i’d ever shop for.  it’s the most productive fever ever.  second, i’m becoming a better dresser.  similar to when i began sewing more confidently for the kids, it’s been a weird transition into realizing i actually can wear what i sew, rather than treat all the pieces as ugly, failed experiments.  i have to consciously divert my attention each morning from my typical ratty tee shirt and $5 jersey gaucho pants that haven’t been cool since i bought them in 2005 that compose my summer uniform and say to myself no, you are a respectable adult, and you can wear this sweet linen shirt hanging in your closet with the aligned stripes and contrast binding.  now put it on and go stare at a waterfall, why don’t you. Continue reading