kcw project one: flashback tees and some pintuck shorts


may i present to you project one, some basic tees and shorts to kick off the summer (it’s in the mid 80s daily here!).  both tees come from one of the most flexible, and thus, essential patterns a mom seamstress can own, the flashback skinny tee from rae.  i hardly need to sing the praises of this pattern and imagine these will join a legion of hundreds more this week (i myself have a few more cut).  fast, thorough, easy, indispensable.  what rae’s patterns are known for! Continue reading

ctb: project eight, blue jeans

DSC04534it’s true what they say–jeans go with everything.  however, for kids and even for adults, i think they can sometimes be a little stiff and unforgiving (i’m a big fan of the marriage of spandex and denim that has gained popularity over the past few years).  a big button and zipper right in the middle of that squishy little belly seems a bit harsh.  you can pick up really soft, light denim fabric from joann’s, and while you lose some durability, you gain a lot of comfort and breathability.  i think it’s a fair exchange, especially as we head into spring and summer! Continue reading