december miscellaneous


i just spelled miscellaneous correctly on the first try.  it’s going to be a good day.  anyhow, i realize it’s christmas eve and there are a multitude of other things i could be doing as there’s no urgency to blog.  however, i have a little window (many visitors=many babysitters) where i can toss up a quick one about some of the things keeping us busy this december and the great tutorials/patterns to go along with them.

  1. plump partridge ornaments.  i scaled these waaaaaay down to make them a major scrap busting project to hand out to our neighbors for christmas.  of course, i have since replaced all these scraps and then some with my christmas sewing, but for  5 minutes i felt productive.
  2. figure 8 cowl.  happy birthday to my mom on december 9!  my mom is one of those super fashionable moms who has a closet full of clothes far nicer than i ever will and we’re almost exclusively confused for sisters in public.  thus, it’s easy to make gifts for her, because i just make her something i would want.  except she doesn’t always have diaper cream and food remnants on her, so she can wear nice things.  velveteen on one side, voile on the other, super soft and cozy.  all anna maria horner innocent crush fabric.
  3. jam makes a great gift.  i did a lot of canning over the summer, so all the people i can’t figure out gifts for or ran out of time for still get something useful.  who doesn’t like jam?!  this is my favorite canning book.
  4. i just realized that this little guy didn’t make it into the collage.  he was inside the m purse for another birthday gift (a 3 year old, not my mom).  after making this and the 20 birds, i’ve concluded i hate making plush toys.
  5. DSC03384
  6. this pearl necklace is perfect for little girls.  it’s part of an amazing tutorial series with a pretty little gift for a girl every day of advent.  it only takes a few minutes to make and is a big hit for glamorous little ladies.
  7. does this dress pattern have a flickr group?  if not, i make it enough of them that i could fill one generously all on my own.  you might recognize a lot of anna maria horner (this dress is little folks voile, my mom’s cowl is innocent crush) here as i found a major sale on her fabric in november.  score!  anyhow, this dress is for our neighbor chloe.  i love handmaking gifts for adults, but children are a bit more stressful, especially precocious children like chloe, who are happy to articulate their exact feelings with no filter.  i cranked this out so late at night, the pockets are totally ineffective and sewn on crooked–i thought for sure chloe would be calling me out.  imagine my utter shock and genuine glee when we had this sighting after her own birthday party:


i was so thrilled i snapped a picture of her with basically no warning.  of all the gifts i have lovingly made, this moment was among the most rewarding.  for a 6 year old to wear something i made to her own party is a very. big. deal.

08.  my favorite gingerbread men from my favorite cooking blog.  i have followed heidi religiously since 2006 and she has never let me down.  if you’re into fresh, local food (with beautiful photography), definitely check her out.

09.  my first zipper!  i used a zipper foot and everything, semi-successfully.  wonderful gathered clutch tutorial from noodlehead.

so, that was december, and so is this.


4 thoughts on “december miscellaneous

    • no, that’s the fake and dusty one 😦 it’s really not a bad stand in, but certainly doesn’t smell like the real deal. miss you, can’t wait to see all you’ve been up to during this exceptionally joyous season in your household!

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