simplicity 2226, haircut, etc


we just got back from a lovely vacation to san diego, which was a nice opportunity to disconnect for an extended period.  david grew up there, so we had the pleasure of catching up with a lot of old friends and their little ones.  we just made it in a window of good health for all of us (i stopped barfing a day before we left home, reese started the morning we returned, nice!), and the kids are juuuuust getting old enough to travel more seamlessly.  it really was restorative (lots of car knitting!).  i don’t know about you other creative folk, but i really dislike stagnation, and i’m definitely feeling the urge to take a few steps back and redefine my creative goals for the coming months.  for creative people with extremely limited time, that task can be challenging and i’m not exactly sure when it might happen, but i’m acknowledging it.  changes coming, you heard it here first! 


one change you’ve probably noticed by now is my hair, which i recently chopped off and shipped to locks of love.  in the photos here, you see version one of the chop.  i was ready to get rid of my stringy hair, but this cut wasn’t quite right.  i held on to it for two weeks thinking it might be an adjustment issue, but i was just never totally happy with how it looked (though i liked the concept of it being short).  it looked to me like it was already in an awkward stage of growing back.  i went back to my stylist last week and after pointing out i look like the mobster in american hustle, she graciously trimmed, thinned, and shaped it into a cut i’m way happier with (free of charge!  what a gal!), but have no photos of currently.  it looks better than this, trust me on it, and i can again hop out of the shower and be good to go, which is critical for my quality of life.


uncanny, right?  i assure you, his was not one of the photos i provided from my entire pinterest board of short haircuts, but somehow, we were twins for two weeks.  but, now that we’ve covered that really important topic, we can move on to the skirt.  this delightful little number is simplicity 2226, a “learn to sew pattern.”  i wasn’t even aware that commercial patterns came with such detailed instructions, but indeed, i’d call this beginner friendly.  i had to make one because karyn made one, and i like to make as much of what she makes as possible, because she’s amazing.  this is actually only the second ever commercial pattern i’ve ever made–the first was just a few days before this, and while it was a sewing success, major iron/hard water/bleach drama caused some dire pitfalls that led to eventual disintegration of the finished garment.  devastating.  i do plan to make it again, so if i’ve adequately mourned by then, i may post a photo of the carnage.


ANYWAY, the skirt.  i made it from some herringbone chambray i’ve had stashed since the fall, and boy was it worth the wait.  i love the drape and feel of this material.  it is so light and breathable yet somehow still substantial.  i have been dying to get my hands on some of the dot version, and tonight, i *finally* got some!  definitely another one of these in my future.  there’s a lot of gathering in this skirt, and it’s not bunchy at all with the chambray.  definitely go for a lighter weight material if you make one–linen would be too bulky.


it really is a simple pattern, yet it’s got cool pockets and a zip closure.  it came together really fast, other than perfectly installing my invisible zip on the outside of the skirt.  not exactly invisible if you do it that way.  it probably took me as long to unpick and reinstall the zipper as it did to make the rest of the skirt.  other than that, i would caution you to size down when tracing.  the skirt is meant to sit an inch below the natural waist, but uses the waist measurement for sizing.  as i’m learning by sewing for myself, my waist is apparently gigantic compared to the rest of me, and whenever i use that measurement alone, the garment comes out too big.  i understand others have had similar issues with this pattern in particular–i took 2″ out and it still rides very, very low, so i had to chop quite a bit from the hem to compensate. it’s incredibly comfortable because it is loose, but i know the fit isn’t quite as intended.  actually, the front dips down so low that the back looks a bit higher, like it was cut crookedly, but really it’s just suspended by my behind.


anyhow, it’s still totally wearable, and it stood up perfectly well to playing in the sand and strolling along some cliffs watching the sea lions.  of course, there aren’t many photos of the skirt in action, because this tends to happen:


please note bean’s face.  two unhappiest children.  but in spite of a meltdown here and there, it really was a fabulous family vacation and a skirt that has me rethinking my currently skirt free wardrobe.

6 thoughts on “simplicity 2226, haircut, etc

  1. Really cute skirt- love the chambray fabric you chose! The short hair looks great too! Looks like you had a wonderful trip- I know I can’t wait for our next family vacation- I need to recharge. Love the sad kid pic-I have so many of those! My son has pants I made him in the same material as your little boy in that pic 🙂

    • thanks, rebecca! i genuinely love the skirt, and i haven’t ever been a big skirt person. i’m trying to figure out how to wear a skirt while chasing my kids at the park. wear shorts underneath like a toddler? we have a lot of sad kid pics too–sometimes the photography humiliates them out of tantrums 🙂

  2. Really? A skirt-free wardrobe? When you could look as cute as you do in your chambray skirt every day of the week? Love your take on the popular Simplicity 2226 pattern. I made it last winter and found the same issues to be true with the waist band. I measure the same as you describe – apparently my waist is disproportionately huge!:) I’d like to try this in chambray as you did – looks cute AND comfy, a great combo:)
    And I think your haircut looks great!

  3. thank you, sweet lucinda! yes, skirt free. living in michigan, you understand the degree of humidity we experience in the warm months. i found that my thighs would get really chafed if i walked around in skirts during the summer. in my new arid climate, i’d love to wear skirts…but now i have kids to chase after which can be a bit immodest. can i wear bike shorts under skirts? is that socially acceptable?

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  5. I love the look of this skirt – it looks comfortable, it’s flattering and it has pockets! I’m going to have to look for that pattern at my local fabric store soon. With two kids in tow as well I’ve been wanting to feel comfortable in my clothes but look good too. It looks great on you!

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