GIVEAWAY: great spring destash, day 1 (closed)


let the games begin!  as promised, i have STACKS of fabric set aside to hand out.  i tried to organize it in some way today, and it looks like i have enough to post for several days.  my plan is to just keep the giveaways posted until all the stacks are up for grabs, then i will announce the winners all at once and ship all at once to save myself some trips to the post office, in roughly one week.  when i get to the last stack, i will notify in the post how long you have to leave a comment before the giveaways close.  the only other rules are as follows:

1)  leave one comment on the post pertaining to the fabric you’re interested in (you are welcome to comment on multiple posts, but only once per post).  i will number the comments and draw a number out of the hat for each post–very high tech.

2)  i will pay shipping, and i will ship internationally.

so, this is fabric stack #1!  provided you like neutral colors, this is a really good one.  i’m not going to take a ton of time editing for 100% accurate lighting and color representation, but i will try to give you the gist.  it’s all prewashed, which is why it’s wrinkly, but trust me, you don’t want me bringing an iron anywhere near your stuff!IMG_5145

fabric 1 (above):  about 3 yards of a beige and cream plaid cotton/poly blend.  this is the same type of fabric i used to make this, and i think it wears well.IMG_5144

fabric 2 (above):  this is actually a darker purple linen with cream pinstripes.  one yard.IMG_5143

fabric 3 (above):  2 yards of swiss dot cream cotton shirting (the color in the first photo is way more accurate) with vertical rows of eyelet.IMG_5142

fabric 4 (above):  this is about 3 yards of a lightweight beige cotton shirting.  those vertical stripes are actually holes–does that count as eyelet?  i’m not sure the right term, but this would make a cool dress!

that’s a pretty good stash!  lots of potential for this fabric.  leave a comment below if you’re interested in it…since it is monday (just barely), why don’t you leave a comment about something interesting you did this weekend.  don’t be shy–this fabric is leaving me one way or another, so it might as well be yours!


21 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: great spring destash, day 1 (closed)

  1. Wow! That’s a great giveaway! Let me choose fabric 2 and fabric 3 and start this giveaway comment chain 🙂 Hmm, to talk about something I did/doing, let me share with you that I am sewing sari blouses, 3 sewn and 3 more to complete by the end of this month. Best wishes!

  2. This bundle is right up my alley – I love all the fabrics, especially the last two! This weekendwe went hiking and I sewed a bunch of clothes for my son.

  3. Fabric 2 please. This weekend, we went to a very modern art exhibition. The swinging lights in the dark room were so womb like, they sent my three month old son to sleep.

  4. Fabric 2 is my favourite – very generous of you to pay international post Ashley (if I win I’m happy to negotiate). I had a weekend off sewing and technology as we stayed at my parent’s in laws beach house – lovely!!

    • thanks renee–that is so thoughtful! i shipped some out to a few friends even before i began the giveaway and it became quickly obvious it would end up costing as much as the fabric did…i’m open to negotiation 🙂 weekend unplugged sounds wonderful!

  5. I’d love to win this fabric especially the swiss dot. This weekend I went fabric shopping for dress fabric. I have a special event coming up soon and I’ve decided to sew a vintage dress.

  6. I love all the neutral fabrics, especially the swiss dot. This weekend we went for a long bike ride to a UW baseball game, frozen yogurt, the university to see the cherry blossoms, and then for a stop in the park where we saw people dressed as knights jousting. Who knew?

    I found your blog through a mutual friend and I have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful clothing you make yourself and your children.

  7. I spent the weekend doing taxes and dyeing some handkerchief linen. I found your blog by typing in linen. So happy to be a contender for your lovely fabric. I love the swiss dot!

      • I think a great place to start is Ann Johnson’s
        “Color by Accident”
        Let me know if I can be any help! Always happy to hear from another obsessed dyer (not that you are-YET)lol

      • Actually I think I misspelled Ann’s name
        Ann Johnston – she has at least two books-they are small format with wire binding – so easy to use in the dye room!!! (bathroom lol)

        Color by Accident
        Color By Design
        Happy dyeing!

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