GIVEAWAY: fabric destash day 4- kid fabric (closed)



here are a couple kid friendly fabrics for you guys, one yard each.  the fish and apples are both flannel, the giraffes are quilting cotton.  all of them would be cute garments or linings for little ones.

i loved hearing about your favorite books!  how about your favorite movie?  all time favorite, childhood favorite, favorite this year, what have you.

GIVEAWAY: fabric destash day 3, knits (closed)



enough with the wovens–who among you is brave enough to adopt some of my favorite knits? both of these are lightweight, drapey, stretchy and very soft.  i’m no good with the components of knits or the percentage or direction of stretch, but i will say, these make super comfortable dresses and shirts.  there is about 1.5 yds of the pink chevron and maybe about 2 yds of the crazy bird fabric (crazy awesome, obviously).  i’d keep them, but i’ve spent almost a year trying to figure out another use for them– how many pink chevron and crazy bird wardrobe pieces can one have, really?  one of each is enough for me.  now you can have some, too!

leave one comment below if you’re interested in these fabrics…why don’t you tell me your favorite book?

GIVEAWAY: fabric destash day 2, eyelets and florals (closed)

ok, so i technically missed day 2.  we have visitors from out of town all week and have really not been home at all, so it’s tough to find a minute to take pics of my crazy stacks of fabric and get them posted!  today, in the interest of time, you get blurry iphone photos, but you get the idea.  and for fellow wordpress users, WHAT happened to the embedded photo editor?!  i hate whatever is happening right now, and it seems permanent.  i don’t handle change well.photoanyway, here are some eyelets for you–2 yards of the greenish floral, about 1 yard of the bright pink (better photographed here) and a choppy 1 yard or so of the white, which is embroidered but not actually eyelet (seen here).  the pink and white fabrics are part of my india stash!  all 100% cotton, great for spring and summer garments.

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GIVEAWAY: great spring destash, day 1 (closed)


let the games begin!  as promised, i have STACKS of fabric set aside to hand out.  i tried to organize it in some way today, and it looks like i have enough to post for several days.  my plan is to just keep the giveaways posted until all the stacks are up for grabs, then i will announce the winners all at once and ship all at once to save myself some trips to the post office, in roughly one week.  when i get to the last stack, i will notify in the post how long you have to leave a comment before the giveaways close.  the only other rules are as follows:

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